spiritual cleansing bath

Spiritual Bath To Cleanse Negative Energies

Herbal Bath To Discharge Negative Energies Surrounding A Person(BITTER BATH)
These natural ingredients when combined with super natural magick can produce some incredible results. I believe this and has Seen first hand amazing results, in order to bring in positive things into a persons life one first needs to cleanse themselves of negative vibrations “rid first of Negativity then follow with a sweet bath to BRING IN positive things.

As they say wax off and wax on. Bitter Herb Bath #2 taken from book “magical Herbal Baths Of Santeria” by Carlos Montenegro. * Original  recipe Basil was replaced with Quita Maldicion herb/Curse Remover Herb / Bad luck herb/ Bath *

This bitter her bath is used to discharge the negative energies surrounding a person.


1. Boil the Quita Maldicion/Curse Remover Herb / Bad luck herb/ Bath in one gallon of water.

2. Allow the mixtures to cool.

3. Strain the liquid from the mixture into a large bowl.

4.add the Holy Water to the liquid mixture.

5.Add the cascarilla to the liquid mixture.

6.Pour the liquid mixture into your bath water.

Remain in the bath water for 30 minutes.Light the reverse candle after taking the bath. This bath should be taken for three consecutive days and must be applied from down ward as if you are removing or sweeping something off you.  followed each day with a sweet herb bath which I have provided with the following link to drawn in positive energies into your life after removing.

Another thing that is powerful to place in a bath that can remove negativity is Goats milk.  To enhance any cleansing bath place an entire can of  goats milk into your bath .

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