A fews days ago all bright eyed i went to the river (oshun) as early as i could go. being so close to nature does something to my spirit that no time of meditating in a room can do. Its an instant connection to the element and the divine. Many people think that living in such a large city such as new york city disconnects you from nature because, it so fast paced but, ill tell you now that the only thing that would honestly stop that is the person their self. We have a forest, highlands, the ocean, and the river right at our hands. no we may not have mountains but, I surly can tell you i can easily find a high enough area that would quickly make me think of Obatala. standing on a roof top of a skyscraper viewing the city is a perfect example of such a thing.

I went to the river that day not, to ask for love or more prosperity but to give thanks and hang out with her. I really could careless if i scratched up my foot again with that darn gate , I was getting as near to Oshun as I could and nothing was going to stop me. Many people ask ask ask and ask some more but, they forget to say THANK YOU. They feel that the universe owes it to them, or they say thank you just because, they think its the right thing to say but, saying it and meaning it is truly two different things.

To show how grateful i was I gave an offering of pumpkins, oranges, honey, Cinnamon
, sweet pineapple and some yellow flowers to the river after making it very beautiful and admiring its beauty while talking to oshun.This created the ashe. I followed the offering by singing to her out loud with my arms extending wide standing in the river breathing in her deep, letting the water flow through my toes. I cried with joy and happiness as i crouch now and patted the water remembering where I was before I met her and how drastically my life started to change the day i did. It was an honor and a blessing to be so close to such a wonder.

I then sat on a rock, wrapped my head and placed my feet in the river and started to take my
first keen caller of the day literally right in the river. Yeah i was not really prepared with sun screen and I have one hell of a two-toned sun burn . LOL . but, oh man the experience was so worth looking odd for a few days.

Many Blessings to you all =) May you always find grace in everything that comes to you and see the wonderful beauty of nature. Get out of that house or busy rushed life and enjoy nature.



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