Tarot Reading Beginner Tips

So You Want To Learn Tarot? Tarot Reading Beginner Tips

So You Want To Learn Tarot? Tarot Reading Beginner Tips

So You Want To Learn Tarot? Tarot Reading Beginner Tips.  I am a professional tarot reader and this post is to give you a few tips for beginners on how to become a better tarot reader.  I have been reading since I was 11 years old and I’m currently in my 30’s  which mean that I have been reading tarot for significant amount of time.  I’ve been getting a lot of emails and messages asking for tips and I do not teach tarot one on one  so I decided to do a post and a video. In hopes to help people.    

My first tip for tarot beginners is about Choosing your first tarot deck. You are choosing your sacred divination tool where you will be channeling divine information from. I found that it was easiest to learn how to read tarot for a beginner by choosing a tarot deck where the minor tarot cards are picturized such as the rider waite tarot or the morgan greer tarot .

learn how to read tarotFor example, if you look at the 2 of coins from the rider Waite tarot deck pictured here to the left you can tell that he’s juggling something; you don’t need to look in the little white reference book included in most tarot decks to understand that.  You look at the tarot card picture and you are able to interpret some of the the card meaning just by viewing the card. Marseilles type tarot deck card does not  have picturized minors. The minors are just represented by pipes which makes it  hard for a tarot  reader beginning to  grab the information of the tarot cards meaning.

9 of cups learn tarotHere is an example of a tarot deck based on the marseilles tarot the 9 of cups towards the right. If you did not know anything about tarot,  would you be able to tell me the meaning  of this 9 of cups just by looking at it?  It’s hard!  It is really hard. I love the marseilles tarot in fact it is one of my favorite tarot decks to read with, but my advice for beginners is to leave marseilles tarot deck once you have learned the meanings for the 78 tarot cards. It will make your  tarot learning experience a much smoother road.

Another tip about choosing your first tarot deck.  – Keep away from novelty or themed tarot decks from choosing as your first tarot deck.  thing– I love Doreen Virtue.  I love her, she’s such an amazing woman and she’s the angel lady. Her deck is beautiful and she’s really popular, but I need you to stay away from Doreen Virtue’s Angel tarot deck if you’re just beginning because it is hard to get the information from the pictures.

Learning Tarot Easy tipsTake the 5 of coins from this deck as an example– The picture does not reflect its meaning. It does not show about fear about money or illness.  You want to be able to connect to the cards quickly and as easy as possible if you are a beginner. Also, there’s a lot of angels.  If you do not know about angels, this can throw you off and create confusion for you. This is a great tarot deck when you already have a good flow of your tarot and you know the tarot cards meanings.

  • My other advice is to study your tarot cards. For each tarot card, you should have at least 2-3 keywords.  There’s 78 tarot cards– Work  first on the upright meanings and  leave the reversals alone once you  feel comfortable with their meanings upright.   Let me explain.  In my tarot deck I pull the 8 of cups.  My keyword for this is divorce and walking away, leaving– those are my 3 keywords for this card.  This is what I see, this is what I feel, and this is what I know for that card.  Take every card, and  write down in your notebook your two to three  keys words.  Meditate on each card. Really look at them, really connect with them and then write down each key word. Take your time with this. This allows it to store in your memory and it’s easier to memorize things that way, too.

Tarot in Ten MinutesI also recommend – buying a book on tarot. I’m going to recommend Tarot in Ten Minutes because , it was one of my first ones  that I read and helped me so much. In the back of the book, it has an explanation of every card and I highlighted what the cards meant and key words and key things that stuck out from them and it has sections– what the card for work means, what the card for love means, what the card for money means, and what the card for strategy means.  Another good tarot book, The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarotalso, that I recommend is The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot.  (I did a video review on this book here) I like it because it breaks down each card and is about symbolism.  It focuses on the symbolism of every card, so you know what the staff means, and you know what the cups means, etc. It gets you a closer connection to the tarot card rather than just its meaning. It breaks down the picture of every card and its meaning and its symbolism.  This will really help you to familiarize yourself with the card and just find out more in-depth of why it means the things it means.  Once you know why, you can see the tarot in an even a bigger scope; it means something more, it’s more in-depth, and it has more meaning.

Another piece of advice is to  .use small spreads in tarot readings. ( You can see my video here on my easiest to learn tarot spread here ) The 3 card spread works best if you are just starting.  If you’re just beginning, you don’t want to do this big Celtic cross– it’s just too elaborate and you’will get confused.  Stick to something small to get the flow of how card readings works best for you first.  You need to learn how to crawl before you walk, before you run, alright? A 3 card spread is my go-to spread to make everything quick access.  I draw the cards, I draw 3, and I use the middle card as my focus answer and I use the two out side cards as influence cards. If the focus card is to invest, the influence cards answer the question, “Invest what?”—the why, when, or hows.  Stick with one method.  If you keep putting yourself into reading in a thousand methods, you’re going to get confused.  You need to really keep it simple, alright?

Tarot-elementsOne more really important thing that’s really going to help you with the tarot is .  learning the elements. We have coins, we have wands and we have swords.  You need to take the elements and know what they mean, because the tarot is broken up into 5 sections.  You’ve got the majors, then you have minors, and then you have the swords, you also have the wands.  Swords is everything about the mind, thinking and logic, problems, and strategies.  All of that, of the swords, you have to kind of think about that’s what it kind of generally means.  These are the problems, these are what those cards mean there, too.  Then you have the coins and that’s about money and health. We have the wands, which are about artisticness, creation, drive, fire, sex, passion– things that drive you.  And then we always have, of course, the cups– everyone loves love!  Everything emotion.  You need to learn the elements and what those things mean and then you familiarize yourself more with the tarot once you know those elements.  Really pay close attention to that, learn those before you really get started and get in-depth into the tarot and things will even make more sense to you on top of that. Catherine has an amazing blog on learning the tarot elements here.

One last thing– I’m almost done! .Don’t ask the same question over and over again!  Seriously.  If you’ve asked already and it says no, do not rephrase your question over and over again until you receive as they say ” A good card”  You’re going to get yourself confused and it’s going to become hard to get a clear answer.  You can ask the same question again, but give yourself gaps of time– not hours, not days, but gaps of time. A week will  or more will be  best. This one of the problems I had in the beginning; I would ask the same question over and over.  Sometimes we want to see whatever wanted to see.  Sometimes we don’t like the first card reading and we’ll say it didn’t make sense, even though we know the meaning.

And of course last but, not least  practice, practice, practice.  Get your friends to  practice on.  Do not only practice on yourself.  Practice on your family, other people, that’s how we all start– we all read for other people, barter, trade readings and grow greater at your skill and take notes.

Hopefully this helped all of you. Thank you all for reading! and now unto the video.



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