How to find your Tarot Personality Card

Does yours match you? How to find your Tarot Personality Card.

Your Tarot personality card is the tarot card that is said to describe who you are as a person. It is a fun experiment to see if your date of birth coincide with the tarot. Take these easy steps below discover yours.

1. Write down your date of  birth and  convert it into  numbers.

Example. Date of birth : June 28 1984 = 6. 28. 1984

2. Add all the number of your date of  birth together.

Example: 6+2+8+1+9+8+4 = Total sum of 38

3. If the total sum of your date of birth equals 23 or higher add the digits together until they equal less than the sum of 22.

Example: Totali equals 38 now I am adding 3+8 = total sum of 11

4.  Match the total sum to the tarot major trump card to reveal your tarot personality card .

Example: #11 is the 11th card in the tarot. Therefore my personality card is the card of Justice

5. Look  up the meaning of the tarot trump card. This card describes your personality .

Example:  The Tarot card of Justice stands for…… Therefore this describes my personality :


Here is the link from Each link will take you to the meaning of each Major Arcana card:

0-Fool 11-Justice
1-Magician 12-Hanged Man
2-Priestess 13-Death
3-Empress 14-Temperance
4-Emperor 15-Devil
5-Hierophant 16-Tower
6-Lovers 17-Star
7-Chariot 18-Moon
8-Strength 19-Sun
9-Hermit 20-Judgment
10-Wheel 21-World

And now on to the video of myself describing the steps written above.


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