Playing Card Reading On Love Life

Playing Card Reading On Love Life

Client wanted to know if she was going to stay in her current relationship or not. The first thing that I see is 4 Diamonds out of 5 over powering the readings. Makes me feel that not all that glitters is gold. Things need balance. Over indulgence of anything is unhealthy. People want to portray that they live a perfect relationship from a movie to cover up issues that is within this relationship. Something Fake is happening here and someone can not see things for what it is because they are blinded by the shine that it portrays itself to be. In the middle of the reading we have happiness within the home and stability, we have abundances and it seems that things are well she will feel fulfilled and happy and this will last for sometime . She will be living on cloud 9 with this man and it will be engulfed into the honeymoon phase. As the cloud starts to dissolve a feeling of wanting and having more freedom is needed. Rules , regulations make someone feel as they are imprisoned . Someone is not ready to be tied down as once thought which will be quite shocking to the other party. A heart will be broken as ending comes. The high has surly passed. No she will not stay in her current relationship. ….Things can change if the relationship obtains more balanced , don’t hand him everything on a sliver plate make the relationship interesting and take things bit by bit. Rushing things may spoil the Crop. — Psychic Emmy Moon

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