Playing Card divination on Romance

Playing Card divination on Romance 

Client wanted to know what can she expect from her romantic interest and what does he think about her. THis is a reading using the playing cards from ana cortez to receive clarity on this  question.  The first thing that pops out from this reading is that there are 3 jacks.  which means with the playing cards divination Young messages , young minded, free going, looking for adventure , testing the waters, no one can hold me down type of mentality and energy . It dominates the reading and this male is not ready to settle down any time soon. She is clearly the Queen of diamonds in the reading which shows that he is very attracted to her in many ways but also to her wealth. He tells her things to make her feel good and also keeps her in the picture because, he most likely using her for personal gain or money. He is sneaky , a complainer and is willing to give her just enough attention to keep her hanging on to hope. Even though he has no intention of settling down with her. This is def a push pull relationship that has little room for true growth. They both want different things. — Psychic Emmy

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