Keeping a Iwa Pele (cool character)

Keeping a Iwa Pele (cool character ),having some Patience, slowing down, your Eguns (ancestors) and Obatala.

iwa pele patience obatala

The other day I woke up feeling irritated, lack of sleep can do that to a person. If someone was to take a picture of me I would have looked like the Tarot card 9 of swords . (yikes) we all get like that some what though right? We worry about something over and over again until we let it GET the best of us. The night time is the worst everything starts to slow down and then our thoughts pile up one on top of the other. Its like a chain reaction one negative thought leads to another then another.

Lets see if this sounds familiar?” when will this happen? why did this happen? what if I do this ? I bet this person is doing this or that. “Shit!I should have done this instead”, “Oh god when is this going to stop!” I should have done that and that.” Then comes negative remarks towards yourself. “i’m so stupid!” “why do i have to be so weak?”. *shaking my head* WAKE UP!!!! PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!!! Your stressing about, something that you have no control over and what a scary thing indeed. I know how it feels.

I had to find a remedy quick, I ran to my Egun shrine (ancestor shrine) for answers. I sat on the floor and started to divine. My Mama’s and Papa’s always seem to have the answers and know what I am experiencing because, they surly have already experienced it first. who better to know me better then my own blood line? NO ONE. In trouble I run to my family first for help those who have passed from this earth or alive they always make me feel better. Even if its just to vent and feel better I’ll pour it out to them.

The message was clear as day. “RELAX EMMY!!! you are scattered and disoriented. I was attempting to do to much at one time. I needed to slow down and take baby steps. I will accomplish very little by trying to do everything all at once. I needed to be easy, relax, stop for a moment and be patient. Being all rumbled up made me not see things clearly.” WHOA! what a reality check, and a hard thing to do when your always in the “Charlie sheen” mode of “GO!” LOL

Well i clearly knew what this meant then, It was BREAK TIME!! From work and many things….. I had to go to Obatala now. ( Obatala is King of the Orisha because of his great AGE,Obatala is the creator and the shaper of human beings,Obatala is the Father of Wisdom, Obatala demands and sanctions high morality, Obatala rules the head, Obatala is the father of insanity, Obatala remains calm in the mist of chaos. He represents and is Purity & Cleanliness, Great Wisdom, Humility & Calmness, Ethical Standards,Honored Maturity,Cool Head,Peace & Harmony,Sanctified,Untouchable and powerful) I went to my Obatala shrine held up high and spoke to him, cried a bit, vented some more and gave him some offerings in honor and thanks of his help. I took a white bath to cleanse my aura and cool my Ori (head) to shift my energy and dressed all in white.

The next day things seemed so much clearer, calm and peaceful. I read again to find some more answers for myself and guess what? some more advice came in clearer which made complete sense.

As an advisor is so important to maintain this Ori tutu (calm cool head) to be able to help others, it would be so unfair to read for others when I’m not in harmony with myself and my mind is racing. Obatala give that to us, if you just call on him. He is one of my major strengths when it comes to aligning myself,centering and grounding. Sometimes all it takes is just shutting off your phone lighting a white candle, telling him your issues , staying quite and awaiting for some answers. you will be amazed on how quickly you feel peace and know whats the best next step for you.

Picture yourself on top of the highest mountain top all in white with your arms spread wide taking in that breath of fresh air letting go of all your issues, worries, the air flowing through your loose clothes and finding peace Going “AHHHH”. Thats what Obatala can do for you. =)

I really hope that this blog have touched many just the way its touching me right now writing this. I want to thank you father of Orishas white robed king Obatala, for helping me maintain a calm cool head in time of anxiety and stress. Muahz .

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