So you want to be a telephone hotline psychic tarot reader?

So you want to be a telephone hotline psychic tarot reader? 

So you want to be a telephone hotline psychic tarot reader? Tips from an expert.   Since 2009 I have gratefully worked  full time as a telephone tarot reader / psychic.  This  did not happen over night though.  At first I started  conducting tarot readings part time as I had another full time  job. So where did I start? on is where it all began for me. With long hours in the beginning,  consistency, accuracy  and sticking to some of these helpful tips that I learned along the way I was able to make this into a thriving full time business.  At this point I am not on as I use being that I have developed my own personal clients but, keen has helped be get to this place  comfortably and for this I am grateful. Read on to see my tips and things that you should be prepared for while getting your footing working on telephone psychic hotlines.

Tarot Psychic Hotline Tip: #1

Be prepared to have %50 of what you charge per minute deducted from you.

OUCH!! .. Really? yes my friend  really. Telephone psychic hotlines take about  50% of what you make per minute. This is to cover advertising  fees and other fees that they have.

Tarot Psychic Hotline Tip: #2

The bidding system. You have to pay to be seen.

Wait what? You have to pay to be seen. has a featured listing system where they advertise you to potential clients on , their website and other affiliated websites. To be seen on this list you have to pay to be ranked. The higher you pay per click the higher on their chart you are at. Keep in mind that you will be competing with other keen member who has been on Keen for years. The longer you are on Keen the less the it will be per click to reach higher in their charts.  Just because, a potential client clicks on your profile does not mean that they will call you . The bidding system has helped me get  noticed and I use it every time I am on without hesitation. You have to pay to gain. This is business.

Tarot Psychic Hotline Tip: #3

Long hours – crazy hours.

The psychic hotline is a very competitive field. Just like any newbie at a job be prepared to work the craziest hours to develop your clientele at first. Working the late night shift in the beginning is what helped me really move ahead fast in this business. Remember Clients are working clients. They get home around 6 pm want to have their tarot psychic readings when they are comfortable and have privacy. To be able to make a comfortable living doing tarot readings on a hotline full time from 9 – 5 pm is unrealistic in the beginning.   You need to earn that privilege by years of building consistent clients.

Tarot Psychic Hotline Tip: #4


This is my #1 rule that I have in my tarot business. I am  available in the times that I say I am.  Just because, you can make up your own hours does not mean that you can be inconsistent. If you are inconstant  your clients will go to another tarot reader that is available. Set your hours and be in business at those hours. Consistency builds trust. Your clients are coming to you for answers and looking for someone that they can  trust. Consist clients do not want a sometime tarot reader. They are looking for a long term tarot reader, of whom they can trust who knows their situation already.

Tarot Psychic Hotline Tip: #5

Have a quick tarot spread at hand.

On psychic hotlines your clients are calling you and paying you by the minute. Their time is precious and they are looking for  quick answers. Yes this is the truth. Be comfortable in your tarot  readings and your psychic abilities to be able to give them quick answers. My answer to this was developing my one quick to go to tarot reading spread that was able to answer my clients in a good time frame. Clients who call you by he minute online are not willing to wait five minutes while you lay out a Celtic tarot spread. You can check out my own tarot spread here.

Tarot Psychic Hotline Tip: #6

Know that you will be rated and feedback left for every reading

Yes you will be judged. Every caller as the ability to rate you from 1 to 5 stars per phone conversation with you. They are also able to leave a written paragraph describing their experience with you. Your accuracy will be reflected in your rating feedback score.

Tarot Psychic Hotline Tip: #7


What!? wait a minute. Yes oh yes at the end of the year you will receive a 1099k. They will report your gross income to the IRS what you do as a person after that with that is upon you as a independent contractor.  You do not work for you are just using their services.

List of some telephone psychic hotlines:‎


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4 comments on “So you want to be a telephone hotline psychic tarot reader?”

  1. Thank you for this! Gotta have this info straight!
    Question: A while back I applied to be a reader with, and in the middle of the application process, they wanted to run a credit check on me (just like if I were applying for a credit card). That sounded unwarranted and unrelated to me, so I dropped my application. What do you think of that? Is it the norm now? Would you do it?
    Again, thanks for the good intel!

    1. I think that is one of the best Psychic networks to work on. They were closed for applications for about 2 years if you have a chance to apply you should go to for or else miss out on your chance for another 2 years. It makes me feel safe that they have background checks some people lie who they are. Plus everything is being reported to the IRS and information needs to match for taxes purposes. i’m not sure if this is their norm now but it seems correct.