Conducting Yes or No divination with playing cards. Learn how to ask yes or no questions using the playing cards.

When I started to divine with the playing cards I designed my own method that worked best for me in receiving accurate answers for the  yes or no questions that I had. This method can also be used with any standard Lenormand deck that has the playing cards inserts on them.  Hopefully my method will help others as well.

Emilie’s Playing card yes or no divination method using suits 

Spades = No

Diamonds = Yes

Hearts = Maybe with less difficulties

Clubs = Maybe with more difficulties

Black Joker = NO! with bad luck and problems. Do not ask the question again

Red Joker – YES! with blessings.

Emilie’s Playing card yes or no divination Simpler method

All black colored faced cards = No

All red colored faced cards = Yes

Question from Youtube viewer (Hana Bryant)
Hi, Emilie, I am knew to Lenormand cards, and I have a quick question about the “maybe” cards. What if you have a question that comes out as a maybe, but you don’t know how to decipher the meaning. A question like this for ex: Will I win the lottery? If the card comes out a maybe, how can I “maybe” win the lottery, it’s either I do, or I don’t, right? Those kind of questions, I don’t know what to do with, lol. Thank you. Love the video by the way!! :0)

My Reply

I would think if a maybe card came out with to that question that I would win bu[t not the Grand amount . Depending if it’s a clubs which would be a far greater less amount or a heart’s less then the jack pot but a good amount. … when all fails .. stick to the simple reds for yes and blacks for no’s


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2 comments on “Emilie’s Playing Card Yes or No divination”

  1. Hi, I’ve heard about using playing cards for divination and I gave it a go, I only asked 3 questions but I’m not going to tell my results since I feel I should keep them just for myself.
    I left out the jokers because I couldn’t classify them (I established a different answer system than what you have described here).
    Now my question is, is this method fully certifiable and accurate? I really need to know since I’m kind of working with sensitive information and I’ve lost my pendulum unfortunately, I have to get another one soon.

    1. it is as accurate as you believe it to be Stefen. If someone does not believe in the method they’re using as an accurate divination method then in my opinion it is useless. My method is accurate for me because, I truly believe it to be.