Decision Making Tarot Spread

Decision Making Tarot Spread

Decision Making Tarot Spread.  The go to tarot spread when you are at a cross road with choices. Are you confused with several different options at hand and do not know which choice to pick?  Yes it happens to us all  from time to time.  Here is a simple quick tarot spread to help you on making the decision. Tarot is not just used for making predictions.  

Tarot can also help us with making the choices in life. Sometimes in life we are faced at a cross road where we do not know if we should walk through door A or door B. As a tarot reader I have come to rely on my tarot cards in helping me do so. After  reading and seeing where option A will bring me and option B will bring me I make a choice on my own accord. Tarot  guides you and us as beings with free will make our choice of where we are going.  I also added one  extra card for a general spiritual message about the topic at hand. Sometimes we just do not know what to ask and I have found that this tarot card added to most of my tarot spreads gives me the extra clarity that I was looking for.  Spirit knows what you need to know even when we do not.  Let me know how this worked for you by commenting below. Enjoy the  video loves.

Decision Making Tarot Spread

May your tarot  divination voyages forever lasting and fulfilling.  Keep seeing how  far that rabbit hole goes. Blessings Emilie Moe.

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One comment on “Decision Making Tarot Spread”

  1. That was fun.. I did the readings along with you doing your same spread, did it for fun and i got different cards basically giving the same message and same choice preference! Was very fun to follow and also getting same results with varying cards!