Aura Color Meanings

Aura Color Meanings

Aura color meanings. Hi Guys! Thanks for coming back for a new fun read! This time I want to talk about the human aura and what it is and, of course, what the aura colors mean. First off, all living beings have a magnetic field like an electric web that surrounds them, and this is a scientifically proven fact.

The electric conductors in the human body are the nerves, meridians and energy channels that are fueled and replenish every time we “recharge our batteries”, mainly with foods. The size and strength of this bio-electromagnetic field we call human aura depends on whether this flow of electric energy is in harmony or not.

The human aura shrinks or expands depending on the environmental influences and ambiance. In case of illness, fear and emotional shock the aura is gathered around the body and it grows in favorable situations. At birth, newborns have the brightest auras, but its colors and intensity changes depending on the spiritual evolution of each individual.

An individual’s aura can frequently change its colors even during a single day, but often times will keep a predominant color for a lifetime. So let’s see what the aura colors mean, shall we?

Violet Aura Color meaning

Violet is the aura color that signifies the spiritual seeker, it’s the color of change, transformation, of independence and intuition; the color of initiation on the spiritual path, of spiritual activity. Purple tones mean a clear and savvy mind while pale violet tones may speak humbleness and spirituality. A pink tint in the violet aura indicates a bad character.

Blue Aura Meaning

Blue is the color of calm and tranquility that speaks devotion, truth and seriousness and also pure unconditional love. A dark blue shade is the color of the spiritual missionary moving forward on its own resources, someone who learns very fast extracting information from the deepest layers of consciousness. Light blue tones speak active imagination and intuition. Muddy blues signify worry, fear, heist, hypersensitivity and perception block.

Aura Color MeaningsGreen Color Aura Meaning

Green aura is the color of the healer. Green refreshes, regenerates, soothes, calms down and tones; it is enveloping, expresses courtesy, love, joy and abundance, faith and healing. A true healer or doctor will always have a green aura. Dark or muddy green tones may reflect insecurity and greed, doubt and disbelief and even jealousy and possessiveness.

Yellow Aura Color Meaning

The easiest to see aura color, yellow signifies mental activity and solar light and it the color of highly spiritual people if it is yellow-golden. Bright yellow signifies honesty and straightforwardness and pastel yellows reflect grand ideas and spiritual evolution. Cloudy tones of yellow means excessive thinking and criticism as well as a fearful and sky person. Yellow with brown or red-ish strikes means suffering and mental disorders.

Orange Aura Color meaning

Orange is the color of the kind-hearted and helping people, speaking warmth, creativity, emotions and a tendency towards equilibrium, harmony, love and fidelity. With a yellow tint, orange can depict a spiritual master, while mixed with green can indicate a choleric, tedious personality. Muddy orange tones mean pride, ambition, pride, vanity and ostentation.

Red Aura Color meaning

A red aura is the color of a powerful personality with a lot of willpower, dynamism and vitality that comes from the fundamental symbol of life represented by fire. Bright, pure, vivid red aura speaks youth, passion, love of life, health and wealth but also majesty, grandeur and elevation. Pale and muddy red tones mean nervousness, instability, aggression and imbalance. Darker red tones can speak fear or brute self-satisfaction of the senses.

Brown Color Aura Meaning

Brown is a color that, when clear and bright, illustrates a laborious character with great organization skills; indicates establishing of new roots and a wish towards fulfillment. When appears above the head or around the feet reflect a new growth. It may as well mean lack of energy and unbalance if it appears around the energy centers of the body and lack of discernment if it surrounds the head.

White Aura Meaning

Being not a color per se, but a quintessence, an embedding all the colors of the visible spectrum, white represents the absolute presence of light. White by itself in the aura indicates the angelic being in a state of exceptional purification, an amazing capacity to transcend the material world, reflects truth and purification.

Black Aura Color meaning

Black is not a color in itself but rather signifies the absence of light, making it the most questionable color of the auric spectrum. Black doesn’t always mean illness, death or absence of goodness, beauty or an imbalance. It is the color of self-protection that acts as a shield against external energy and may reflect a state of self-defense, but also a secretive person. Black spots in the aura indicated the location of health conditions.

Grey Aura Color meaning

Gray is the color of initiation and may indicate the awakening of innate capacities. When gray is invading another auric color, it indicates a weakness of health and character. Gray stripes or dots that appear on other colors over an organ indicates that that organ is suffering energetically and will soon become ill. People who have gray auras are in most cases conformist, conventional and completely unimaginative. They are cold beings are characterized by vulgarity, pettiness and mediocrity. Gray symbolizes depression and be aware since it is a color that has the ability to reinforce itself.

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