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The Hierophant

The Hierophant (The Pope) stands between two pillars while holding up two fingers representing peace and blessings. In the other hand, he holds his staff of authority and power. Kneeling beside him are two nuns with their hands in prayer. This signifies that they are showing him respect, have belief in him and honor his power. The Pope’s crown is tall in layers which represent his high, important status and power. In the Tarot, the Hierophant represents morality, traditions and one’s personal beliefs. The Hierophant can also signify a person who gives spiritual guidance or empowers oneself through education.

Upright Keywords: Beliefs, Ethics, Education, Tradition, Learning, Advice, Trustworthy Leader

Reversal Keywords: Unethical Behavior, Bad Advice, Disbelief, Breaking Away from Tradition, Distrusted Leader

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