Anytime you read your horoscope you will oftentimes shake your head and say to yourself this can’t be right, I am not in a place in my life where this prediction will happen. For instance, if you are enjoying being single and in your horoscope, it says you will meet the mate of your dreams – you cannot close yourself off from that possibility. However, if your focus is not finding a mate or you will not be in a position anytime soon to hook up with someone, that is because those horoscopes that you read only focus on the sun sign.

Even though your sun sign is a significant part of your personal horoscope, it is still a fraction of what your personal horoscope is made up of. This is why the astrology columns that you read in magazines or newspapers will never have an accurate horoscope that is meant for you. And how can it? The only way you can find out your real horoscope is by consulting an astrologer that will look at important components of it that go beyond your sun sign.

Additionally, you will also find that you do not represent the true traits of your sun sign as an individual for the same reason. For instance, if you are a Leo but you are not into taking selfies, and you are more reserved and don’t care to be in the spotlight as Leos are known for – there are other factors in your personal horoscope that are changing that aspect of you.

Below are the other factors that shape who you are:

  • Your Moon sign – The sign that your Moon was in at the time of your birth will have an impact on your emotional responses to your environment and other stimuli, and indicate your instincts. For instance, if your sun sign is in Sagittarius which is known to be the adventurous and changeable type, but your Moon is in Taurus, you will not be the type that handles abrupt changes too well.
  • Your Rising sign – This is the Ascendant or the sign that was rising at the time of your birth which is what creates your ‘mask’. Your rising sign’s traits are basically your lens and how others view you close up. If your sun sign is in Capricorn which is the sign that is known for all work and no play but your rising sign is in Sagittarius, you will most definitely have a lighter and fun side to you. That will also depend as well on how much the Moon sign has an effect.
  • The planets in the houses in your horoscope – The horoscope is composed of 12 houses that represent areas of your life. That will also have an impact on your personality. For instance, if you have a lot of planets in the 4th house which represents your home but you are a Sagittarius, you may be more of a homebody. Additionally, the relationship or aspects that the planets in your horoscope have to one another will also shape your personal horoscope.

This is why the horoscopes you read in the newspaper will never predict the energies that you will be facing for the following week or month. It does not have your exact birth details which are why only a professional astrologer can deliver you the right horoscope message for you!

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