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  • The Hierophant

    The Hierophant (The Pope) stands between two pillars while holding up two fingers representing peace and blessings. In the other hand, he holds his staff of authority and power. Kneeling beside him are two nuns with their hands in prayer. This signifies that they are showing him respect, have belief in him and honor his […]

  • The Emperor

    A stern-faced Emperor sits on his solid, immovable, stone throne. Craved into his throne are bulls and rams which represent strength, toughness and something hard to change. Great mountains surround his throne which indicates the security of his empire. The Emperor is dressed in armor under his clothing because, not only is he the ruler […]

  • The Empress

    The sky is bright yellow and a very pregnant Empress sit on her throne in a green plain, blooming with wheat. Everything is at bloom. This represents fertility on all levels and a time of abundance. A heart with the symbol ofVenus represents the divine feminine and love. Many also refer The Empress as a […]

  • The High Priestess

    A High Priestess sits on her throne between the two pillars in her temple. This represents secrets and hidden knowledge. She is mysterious. A crescent moon floats above in the background representing inner consciousness. The High Priestess is intuitive, an advisor and connected to the divine spiritual realms. She represents all things unseen, psychic ability […]

  • The Magician

    A Magician holds his hand, and almost like magic, poof, a floating affinity symbol appears, representing infinity. Under him appears the four suits of the Tarot, the Coins, Swords, Wands, and Cups. The suits represent the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water which the Magician works with to manifest his desires. The Magician […]

  • The Fool

    A jester dances playfully on his tippy toes with one arm behind his back. In his other hand he holds a stick that he has tied to a small sack of his belongings. He is blissful and unaware of his current surroundings and that he is soon to walk off a cliff. A dog barks […]