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  • Death

    A reaper rides on a white horse across a valley holding a black flag with a printed white flower to announce his arrival. Suddenly the reaper stops, as he comes to the ledge of a cliff. There lays a burial of a group of people, as if a plague or something like it, has hit […]

  • The Hanged Man

    A man hangs upside down from a tree, tied by one leg. His hands are crossed behind his back and a glowing yellow bright light surrounds his head, indicating enlightenment. He looks unbothered and has a straight face. He was not forced to be there, but he is clearly allowing himself to be in this […]

  • Justice

    A woman clothed in a red robe sits on a throne. She is blindfolded, which symbolizes her being unbiased. She wears a crown on her head, symbolizing leadership. She holds a scale in one hand, which represents balancing opposing sides. She holds a sword in her other hand, representing a swift and final decision. The […]

  • Wheel of Fortune

    A Wheel floats in the sky, surrounded by clouds and four winged creatures, which represent the fixed astrological signs. A sphinx, representing life’s riddles, sits on top of the Wheel. The Wheel is divided into quarters. If you look closely, the letters on the Wheel spell out TARO, one letter short of the word ‘Tarot.’ […]

  • The Hermit

    An old man, which is The Hermit, is draped in black and walks in alone with a staff. He is on a solo journey and carries a lantern to light his way. He journeys forward, but where he is headed, we don’t know. The Hermit in the Tarot can represent a period of withdrawal needed […]

  • Strength

    A beautiful woman looks calmly at a lion. She has no fear of him. Her hair is adorned with flowers, which is a sign of compassion and beauty. The lion relaxes calmly laying in front of her. He trusts her. He is tamed. He is actingthe opposite of aggressive. We do not know how long […]

  • The Chariot

    The brave victorious heroine arrives on her zodiac chariot harnessing two horses with different colored manes. This represents the different forces in life, ying and yang, that she’s connected to and able to balance correctly inorder to achieve success. The heroine proudly holds her staff straight up, which is a sign of victory. In a […]

  • The Lovers

    Two lovers, which are Adam and Eve, hold each other closely in the Garden of Eden. An archangel floats over them, ascending from a cloud. The sun beams down on them. A snake slithers up a fruit tree, which is called the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. A tree with its leaves aflame […]