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  • Queen of Coins

    Being completely grounded and representing security are just two of the things that the Queen of Coins can represent. This card in a reading can also represent nurturing, abundance and fertility on many aspects. If the Queen of Coins is referring to a person, it can represent a woman of the workplace, a nature lover, […]

  • Page of Coins

    The Page in the suit of Coins expresses admiration and curiosity, as he looks at the large coin in his hand. In a reading, the Page of Coins focuses on news or messages related stability. At times the Page of Coins can also represent an admirer or admiration. Upright Keywords: Financial News, Financial Opportunity, Admiration […]

  • Knight of Coins

    Riding in steady, and with security, the Knight of Coins represents travel, action or movement, which is monetary or business related, such as business trips, expansion of business, and the movement forward inbusiness affairs. Being that a Coin is the element of earth, the movement is slow, steady and done in a practical manner. Upright […]

  • King of Coins

    Having confidence is a great quality of the King of Coins. He also represents self efficiency, abundance, security and stability. If representing a person, the King of Coins can represent a man who acts with confidence, who is a leader, and who is a person of business and financially stable. The Kings of Coins also […]

  • Ten of Coins

    When the Ten of Coins appears in a reading, it symbolizes stability, wealth, an enriched family and abundance. This card also represents security within the family, family finances, and family hierarchy. Upright Keywords: Prosperity, Inheritance, Family Unity, Wealth, Long-Term Security Reversal Keywords: Insecurity, Loss of Finances, Family Issues Tarot By Emilie“Hi, I’m Emilie a New […]

  • Nine of Coins

    Dressed in sparkling gold with gold coins floating around her, the woman of the Nine of Coins gives us a sense of what living in luxury is all about. This card is about luxury, being blessed with wealth, financial security and stability. In the Tarot, this card also indicates beauty, attraction and living an abundant […]

  • Eight of Coins

    The Eight of Coins introduces us to the working craftsman and represents all things which are related to work. This can be work such as labor, the workplace and receiving employment. It reminds us that many things require work, and that it takes time to master a skill set. Upright Keywords: Work, Creation, Learning a […]

  • Seven of Coins

    On a farmland, we look at the tired farmer of the Seven of Coins admiring his crop that is bursting with beautiful coins. He reminds us that, at times, one needs to be consistent, determined and patient in order to achieve agoal. This card also represents investing our time now to bear the fruits of […]