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  • Six of Coins

    When we look at the Six of Coins, we are reminded that sharing is caring. It represents giving and receiving help. It represents the act of charity and providing help to others in a selfless way. Upright Keywords: Charity, Sharing, Help, A Gift, Community Service Reversal Keywords: Selfish, Cheap, Stinginess Tarot By Emilie“Hi, I’m Emilie […]

  • Five of Coins

    Life is not always rosy, and while it has its many highs, there are also some downs. The Five of Coins in the tarot represents a time in life when things get difficult. It represents a period in life when things are not so great and, when one may feel poor in a condition, be […]

  • Four of Coins

    It’s not every time that one wants to share, and sometimes, we want to keep things all for ourselves. The Four of Coins connects with this energy. It represents stinginess, greed, hoarding, controlling and selfishness. It also can forewarn us to lessen the grip over things in life that we are trying to control and […]

  • Three of Coins

    Teaching us to be open to working others and to get in touch with our artistic side, the Three of Coins in the Tarot represents working together in a collaboration. It also, of course, represents craftsmanship, art and mastery. The artist in the Three of Coins must be a master craftsman for the church to […]

  • Two of Coins

    Reminding us that things in life has its ups and downs, the Two of Coins in the tarot represents the ability to handle several things at once with precision, coordination and balance. Many refer this card to the multitasking card. This card also represents the ability to handle the ups and downs of life. Upright […]

  • Ace of Coins

    A symbolism of the manifestation of all physical things, The Ace of Coins in the Tarot represents something new or the beginning stages of something in relation to finances, abundance, and physical things. The Ace of Coins can also represent health, wealth, having security and even new employment. Coins also correspond with the element of […]