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  • Queen of Swords

    A powerful, stern Queen of Swords graces one’s reading representing stern tactical leadership, operating with logic, being independent and being firm with one’s decisions. If the Queen of Swords is referring to a person, she is usually a woman who is strong, independent, straight-forward and highly intelligent. A Queen of Swords usually also is someone […]

  • Page of Swords

    An alerted on guard Page of Swords is the messenger, ready to relate news, ideas and information. The Page of Swords speaks about taking action, being on guard and issues brewing. If the Page of Swords is referring to a person, this person can be one who is younger in age, defensive, speaks bluntly and […]

  • Knight of Swords

    At full speed ahead, the Knight of Swords enters a reading referring to trips, movement or travel related fast action, aggressive action, quick changes, conflicts and acting impulsively. If the Knight of Swords is referring to a person, this person can be one who acts impulsively, acts before they think, is defensive, and someone who […]

  • King of Swords

    Strong, mighty, and powerful, the King of Swords in a Tarot reading represents the ability to have tactical leadership, be brave and to have order. It also indicates being stern and leading by experience. If the King of Swords is representing a person, this person can be stern, direct, and logical, rather than emotional. This […]

  • Ten of Swords

    The Ten of Swords paints a scene of emotional pain or a time where one has felt betrayed, backstabbed and emotionally hurt. The person in this Tarot card, though, is floating upwards indicating that they will rise above this pain. They may be feeling unpleasant and penetrating but, this pain will not keep them immobile, […]

  • Nine of Swords

    Sometimes things get stressful. The Nine of Swords expresses the feeling of anxiety, fear, stress and troubled rest. This person in the Nine of Swords cannot rest because of their current thoughts. Something is troubling their current thoughts keeping them up at night. The Nine of Swords may also represent insomnia or maybe dreams that […]

  • Eight of Swords

    The sense of being bonded, feeling stuck, immobile and trapped is instantly felt when viewing the Eight of Swords. This may not be on a physical, but rather emotional level. There are times where we are fearful of saying something, or we don’t know what we should think. It is also is a card about […]

  • Seven of Swords

    Tiptoeing away, being sneaky and stealing swords, the Seven of Swords shows a scene of dishonesty, thievery and lies. In general, this card, represents someone who does not have good intentions, and displays half-truths, thievery, metaphorically and not, and sneakiness. On the bright side, this card also represents the ability to catch this person dead […]