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  • VI: Six of Cups

    Reaching back into a past memory, the Six of Cups in Tarot represents a time when we are reminiscing about the past, when we are feeling nostalgic, and we are reviewing old long gone memories and thinking of how things use to be. Because it’s related to the past, many associate this card also to […]

  • V: Five of Cups

    In a murky state, The Five of Cups represents a time where one is gloomy, pessimistic or going through a period of mourning. At times, life gets gloomy, especially when we are feeling disappointed over something or someone. These are the times where we cannot let these feelings consume our day, and try our best […]

  • IV: Four of Cups

    When the Four of Cups appears in a reading, it pinpoints a time when something has lost its value or interest. Maybe it’s time to rethink how to make the situation more interesting. Upright Keywords: Boredom, Lack of Interest, Staleness, Daydreaming Reversal Keywords: Regained Interest, Proactive, Awareness, Enthusiasm Tarot By Emilie“Hi, I’m Emilie a New […]

  • III: Three of Cups

    The Three of Cups shows a happy scene. Three close women raise their cups in happiness to celebrate an achievement. The champagne is popped! They dance, proud of their achievement. This card represents happiness, celebration and even a successful collaboration between people, with the feeling of, “We did it!” It also represents a holiday, an […]

  • II: Two of Cups

    Completely devoted to one another, the Two of Cups in the Tarot represents pure devotion, partnership, being in love and commitment. The Two of Cups is also considered one of the marriage, engagement, and soulmate cards in the Tarot, because of the vows being exchanged. Upright Keywords: Partnership, True Love, Commitment, Marriage Reversal Keywords: Broken […]

  • I: Ace of Cups

    Overflowing with emotions and water, the Ace of Cups in the Tarot generally represents something new or the beginning stages in relation to one’s romantic love life, love in general. and emotions. The Ace of Cups can also represent a new stage of heightened awakened intuition, feeling something new or a new stage in one’s […]