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  • Queen of Cups

    Deeply connected to her heart, the Queen of Cups represents intuition, emotions, spirituality and love. If the Queen of Cups is referring to a person, she is usually a female who is an advisor, has a deep understanding of her emotions, is intuitive or someone who is emotionally connected to you. Some refer to the […]

  • Page of Cups

    Ready to relate his message, the Page of Cups in the Tarot focuses on messages or news related to romance, such as something emotional and that which is a surprise. If the Page of Cups is referring to a person, this canbe a younger person in age, and someone with whom you have an emotional […]

  • Knight of Cups

    Wearing his heart on his sleeve, the Knight of Cups rides in expressing his loyalty and ready to venture on to romance. This card also refers to trips, movement or travel related to love and emotions. This can be a romantic travel, a travel regarding a loved one or even a spiritual emotional journey. The […]

  • King of Cups

    Staying afloat, The King of Cups in a readings tells us to love, connect with our emotions, embrace our intuition and reminds us about the fluidity of life. If the King of Cups is referring to a person, he is usually a male with an emotional connection to you, such as a romantic partner, a […]

  • X: Ten of Cups

    Focusing on family, the Ten of Cups is all about happiness, unity, and family contentment. This card represents family unity and a finality which brings extreme happiness. Rainbows represent joy, fun times, security and love. Upright Keywords: Contentment, Family, Unity, Happiness Reversal Keywords: Family issues, Disunity, Insecurity Tarot By Emilie“Hi, I’m Emilie a New York […]

  • IX: Nine of Cups

    Elated with pride, the Nine of Cups represents a big accomplishment and recognition. This is a card of success, but also can represent a person who lets their accomplishments inflate their ego. Some refer this card as the “Wish” card, because it can represent the that one’s wishes are coming true. Upright Keywords: Pride, Wishes […]

  • VIII: Eight of Cups

    Moving forward on to more beneficial things, The Eight of Cups in the Tarot is the card of leaving, departing, walking away and not being too excited about the departure. Sometimes we need to let bygones be bygones, let go and journey forward. Life is forever changing and moving. Upright Keywords: Leaving, Walking Away, Moving […]

  • VII: Seven of Cups

    Feeling as if in dream, the Seven of Cups in the Tarot represents daydreams, pipe dreams and, fantasies, or those times when one has their head stuck in the clouds, imagining the many kinds of scenarios of what could be. This card also represents different options and choices before us, but with a lack of […]