Spiritual Remedy Reading

Spiritual Remedy Reading

 There’s a spiritual solution to every problem

Remedy Spiritual Readings. Have a problem and need to know What  YOU can do to resolve it spiritually? ( What spiritual work you can do for yourself?) Some matters take more than patience and changing your ways to resolve.

Allow me to read into your situation and give you the spiritual remedy on how to resolve it.  

Receive a full reading on your situation and then allow me to investigate in detailed how can you go about resolving your situation through a spiritual solution.

Some spiritual solutions include information on candle work, prayers, rootwork, romance, working with the Saints, Money attraction work, Cleansing ( limpieza), Brujeria, and Etc that you can do to CHANGE your outcome/ situation to work better on your behalf.

Don’t be left like a sitting duck.  Learn how to work with the natural spiritual energies and CHANGE your situation to work better on your behalf.

Question: What is A Spiritual Remedy Reading?

A Spiritual Remedy reading is a 30- Minute Reading which includes a standard tarot reading to look into your situation PLUS a spiritual investigation reading which goes in-depth on how to resolve your situation through spiritual work that you can perform.

(Every case is unique, This CAN NOT be done in a standard 20-min tarot reading, We need time )

This reading also includes an MP3 audio recording of your reading so you can go back to it. ( Skip the note taking)

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