Triangle Love Tarot Reading Spread

Triangle Love Tarot Reading Spread

Stuck in a complicated sticky situation with your love interest and another? This love tarot reading  spread will help you see if their is light at the end of the tunnel.

30 Minute Love Tarot Reading Spread Comes with:

An Audio recording of your reading & A  picture of your Love Tarot Reading Spread

Gives you enough time after love tarot spread to ask your specific questions.

1. His/Her feelings for me?
2. His/her true feelings for the other person?
3. What does S/He want from me currently?
4. What does S/He want from the other person currently?
5. What does the next 3 months hold for us?
6. What does the next 3 months hold for them?
7. How will our communication flow be?
8. Will S/He let this other person go?
9. Will S/He commit to me?
10. Their out come?
11. Our Outcome?

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For Love Tarot Spread Appointment Readings :

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  2. Choose appointment an date and time on the phone appointment schedule page
  3. Insert the generated code into the redeem coupon/package area to schedule your appointment.