Is It Over Between Us Tarot Reading Spread

is it over tarot spread
Is It Over Between Us – Tarot Spread

Wondering if it is really over between you and your romantic interest? Will things re-flame or is it really time to move on? This tarot reading love spread can help.

30 Minute Love Tarot Reading Spread Comes with:

A FREE MP3 recording of your reading & A  picture of your Love Tarot Reading Spread

Gives you enough time after love tarot spread to ask your specific questions.

  1. This persons true thoughts about you (Mind)
  2. This persons true feelings for you. (heart)
  3. Why is it not working?( Resistance)
  4. What this person wants from you.
  5. What do I need to do to improve this romance?
  6. What is this person willing to do or not. ( Actions)
  7. How will the communication be?
  8. Is there another person on their mind?
  9. Will I be happy with this person if they return?
  10. Should I move on?
  11. Will they return in the Near future? ( 3 months)
  12. Our near future (3 months)
  13. Total outcome.
  14. Advice?

For Love Tarot Spread Appointment Readings:

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  2. Choose appointment and date and time on the phone appointment schedule page
  3. Insert the generated code into the redeem coupon/package area to schedule your appointment.