Learn Tarot Card Meanings

Learn Tarot Card Meanings

Learn The Tarot Card Meanings

Learn The Tarot Card Meanings

Learn Tarot Card Meanings. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when the word Tarot is mentioned? Is it curiosity of what your future holds? Is it fear? or, is it enchantment? Mines was enchantment. I fell in love with the thought of being able to predict real events of the future and was wowed that these 78 cards could be able to help me do such a thing if I learned them.  As time passed on I fell more in love with the tarot learning about the fools journey. I saw that the tarot was not just used for fortune telling but, also for guiding others in life. I worked with tarot as a tool for empowerment,  spiritual workings,  discovering hidden things that needed to be revealed and as a source for healing. Tarot is a continuing source for giving myself and others clarity.  I trust these 78 tarot cards with the information and I love them but, there is always a beginning for everything. The beginning phase on connecting with your tarot cards is learning  about each tarot cards meaning.  It is my hopes that these pages will guide you through a journey that will ignite your passion for tarot just like it did for me. Never stop learning. Keep forever discovering. Let the tarot cards guide you.

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The tarot deck contains 78 cards, and it has 22 trumps or the major arcana, as well as 4 elements or suits: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles, or the minor arcana.

The major arcana cards reflect the spiritual evolution of the individual and speak of their becoming and development from the first stage of innocence and courage that comes from lack of life experience (represented by The Fool 0) up until the very last of complete immersing of the Universe and its 4 elements, symbolized by the last trump, The World (XXI).

According to this spiritual journey interpretation, each card of the major arcana represents an experience that must be unraveled and integrated for the path to become a complete being.

While the major arcana cards speak about major universal themes, the rest of the tarot cards that form the minor arcana (the numbered cards and the court cards) bring these themes into everyday life, showing how they operate in day to day events.

The minor arcana cards represent the concerns, activities and emotions that stage our everyday lives circumstances and events. There are 16 court cards, 4 cards (page, knight, queen, king) in each of the 4 suits (swords, cups, wands and pentacles), that correspond to the 4 fundamental elements: fire, water, air and earth. Generally, the court cards represent people that exert influence on the question at hand, but not necessarily.

It is also very important that we understand the meaning of the 4 elements or suits in tarot, the wands, the cups, the swords and the pentacles for a complete tarot divination.

In short, wands symbolize action, cups emotions, while swords refer to the intellect and pentacles speak of material possessions.

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