General Tarot Reading

General Tarot Reading

You’re General Tarot Reading Unlike One You Ever Had Before Is Here.

Wondering what is to come of you but unclear what to ask? Here’s your chance to be prepared for what’s to come and avoid some unwanted pitfalls.  Get your personalized scope of what is to come of you in the areas of Love, Money, family, health, The Red flags to watch for and you’re specific questions about ANYTHING answered.

 Perfect When You need guidance but do not know what to ask and want to see what is coming up for you generally.

This 30 Minute 26 card General Tarot Reading

Included is an MP3 recording of your General Tarot reading + A  picture of your Tarot Reading Spread

1 & 2:    Your Theme (Choose time frame 3 months or 6 months)
3 & 4:    Your Love Life
5 & 6:    Your Family Life
7 & 8:    Your  Finances
9 & 10:  You’re Social Life
11 & 12:  Blessings
13 & 14:  Your Health
15 & 16:  RED FLAGS
17 & 18:  Your Mind
19 & 20:  What you need to change & Let go
21 & 22:  Advice Spiritual Message
23 & 24:  You’re specific Question Answered
25 & 26:  You’re specific Question Answered

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