emilie's kindred spirits tarot

Emilie’s Kindred Spirits Tarot

Emilie’s Kindred Spirits Tarot

Emilie's Kindred Spirits Tarot


Emilie’s Kindred Spirits Tarot.  Emilie’s Kindred Spirits Tarot is years of my passion and dreams coming into a reality.  Collaborating with the amazing artist José Mariano González Castro, is a 79 tarot deck (extra card added) Latino inspired border-less Tarot Card Deck proudly showcasing mainly notable Latino people in the spiritual / Tarot community meaningful individuals in my life.

I want the colors to pop with salsa flavor, I want you to feel the love and intensely devoted to each card, see tarot through my eyes and recognize that the colors of our skin come in all different shades for a Hispanic.

I named my Tarot deck Kindred Spirits because,   each person that came together to form this deck all share the same passion , light and similar grounds. We are connected.




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