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  • Six of Wands

    Feeling a sense of achievement, the Six of Wands in the Tarot indicates success, victory and winning. This card also ensures that an outcome will be in your favor. This card also speaks about taking the position as a leader, overcoming obstacles, and gaining public recognition. Upright Keywords: Victory, Achievement, Progress, Recognition, Forward Movement Reversal […]

  • Five of Wands

    Ready to compete, the Five of Wands represents competition and rivalry. This can be an argument, represent a struggle or even a friendly competition. The Five of Wands can also indicate that another may want what you have or are aiming for what you have as well. Upright Keywords: Competition, rivalry, Battles, A Crowd, Struggle, […]

  • Four of Wands

    The Four of Wands indicates a time of celebration and a joyful time. It also represents building a foundation, one having stability, engagement, and marriage. Some also refer to this card as representing someone’s home. This is a card about happy times and a joyful announcement that one must celebrate. It can also mean hearing […]

  • Three of Wands

    The Three of Wands in the Tarot shows up during the time period when you’re waiting to see if your hard work paid off. It is the sending off information and waiting to hear a response. This card is about the action of doing business, including importing and exporting. The Three of Wands can also […]

  • Two of Wands

    Ready for the next phase, the Two of Wands refers to the period in life where one is in completion with one phase in life and contemplating what the next phase will be. Questions such as, “What do I do now?” or, “What is next for me to accomplish?” or, “How do I expand this?” […]

  • Ace of Wands

    Busting in with energy and creativity, the Ace of Wands represents something new in relation to your passions, creativity and all that you are driven toward, such as new employment or a new or major project you are working on. The Ace of Wands also can represent a new or renewed passion between you and […]