Candle Petitions

Candle Petitions


Candle petitions also are known as “setting lights” or Novenas is a way to send your intentions into the universe by getting the attention of a certain Saint, Divinity or Angel to aid in helping your intention manifest.

Example: ArchAngel Micheal for personal protection & defending yourself from negative people

Example: Working with Saint Matthew / Road Opener divinity  to aid in attracting Money

What I will do for you: For 7 or 9 days straight I will light a customized special Herbal & Oil prepared candle for your intention & pray on your behave for your intention daily

Can’t I do this myself? 

Of course, you can. I offer this service for those who do not have the knowledge of working with candles for manifestation purposes. Also, have limited knowledge in herbal craft, rather have an experienced person set lights for them or simply do not have the ability to light candles consistently.

At checkout 

You will be prompted to enter your info such as your One Candle Petition, Name and DOB

After checkout

You instantly be emailed a receipt of your transaction. I will then, email you shortly after in response to your Candle Petition to double-check I have all the information correct.


Like all Novenas, Petitions and the setting of lights faith with patience has a major role to play in achieving the results you are looking for. So, does taking self-initiative in applying yourself towards your goal and not self-sabotaging your success.

 Example: You want a raise or a better job therefore, you start putting out resumes or perhaps even doing extra work so your bosses can notice you at work. If you choose to rather start getting late to work instead and not looking for a job then yes, 9/10 times you will not achieve the results you petition for.

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