new years tarot reading

2024 Tarot Reading

Limited Time Reading

New Year 2024 Specialized Tarot Reading

new years tarot reading

free new years love money candle

LIMITED TIME: Included New years love or  money candle

2024 Tarot Reading | 2024 is right around the corner. Wondering what is to come in 2024? Here’s your chance to prepare for what’s to come and avoid unwanted pitfalls.  Get your personalized scope of what is to come of your 2024 in the areas of Love, Money, family, health, The Red flags to watch for, and more.

 Perfect When You need guidance for the upcoming year & To prevent pit falls.

This 30-Minute 2024 Tarot Reading Spread Comes with:

-An MP3 recording of your reading for future reference. 

-Picture of your unique 2024 Tarot Reading Spread.

-Special Limited Time Offer: Want to attract money or love into your 2024?

A Love or Money candle is also included with your 2024 Tarot reading for a limited time.

A Money or Love candle is lit on your behalf on your specific petition.  Information will be collected over the phone at the end of the reading. 

new years tarot reading

new years tarot reading

1 & 2:    Your 2024 Theme
3 & 4:    Your Love Life
5 & 6:    Your Family Life
7 & 8:    Your  Finances
9 & 10:  Social Life 
11 & 12:  Look forward too
13 & 14:  Your Health
15 & 16:  Work life
17 & 18: General Advice
19 & 20:  Warnings & Red flags
21 & 22: What you need to change and let go

new years tarot reading

new years tarot reading


30-Minute Reading + MP3 recording + Photo + Candle