2017 Tarot Readings

2017 Yearly Tarot Reading

Includes Audio Recording & Picture Of Tarot Spread

[PProduct item_name=”45 Minute ┬áSpecial 2017 Tarot Reading Reading” price=”$135.07″ url=” https://emiliemoe.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?appointmentType=2261605″ /]

((Was 2016 not so great? Find out what is to come for your 2017 and be prepared ))

2017 Tarot Readings

 What does a 2017 Tarot Reading consist of?

This 45 minute in-depth special 2017  tarot reading gives you insight on the topics below and enough time to ask specific additional questions.

  1. Love
  2. health
  3. surprises
  4. Family
  5. forewarnings
  6. Relations ( Friends/ People)
  7. money outlook
  8. Spiritual messages for you
  9. The four upcoming seasons.

YOU CAN ASK ANYTHING After the reading spread on matters that are really important to you.

Best of all this special tarot reading includes an audio recording and a Picture of your tarot spread of future reference.

2017 Tarot Readings