2016 Tarot Love & Astrology Scope

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology Scope

2016  Tarot Love & Astrology Scope

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology Scope

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology Scope. Are you reading for you 2016 Tarot Love & Astrology Scope? With all the success and challenges we’ve experienced in 2015, we’re getting ready to turn another page and enter into a new chapter of new possibilities, extraordinary outcomes and pleasant results, relationship-wise as well as family-wise or regarding our career and finances. Let’s see what 2016 has in store for each of the 12 zodiac signs with an extra spice of a Love Tarot scope for each sign.

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology ScopeAries – March 21 – April 20

In 2016, the Aries natives will continue to sense a need for innovation regarding their lives, to modernize, upgrade or even reinvent themselves in some ways. Rush changes with immediate outcomes are not recommended, though, instead aim for those with a lot of strategy to back them. In 2016, Aries will rearrange their values scale, deepen their theories and concepts, which makes it an important year for perfecting their life philosophy. Stay away from rigid ideas or dogmas, and try to understand and integrate other people’s perspectives as well. 2016 is a great year for these natives to perfect their professional skills and for potential career ascensions. Overall, 2016 is a great year for career ascension and financial change, as well as romantic success for all Aries natives.

Love Tarot Scope: Ace Of Swords: “All Great Things in re-guards with love can be worked out through communication and a bit of new innovation this year” with romance for you my dear Aries.
Like all Ace’s something new is brewing for you this year Aries. Where it be a current romance or a new romance ahead for you. Communication is the key and planning to make this finally work out. You no longer are going to wing it. You learned from previous romances of what and what not to do. Your sticking to your guns and a big break through is coming to you this year. Amen to that!

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology ScopeTaurus – April 21 – May 21

In the year to come, Taurus natives will have to dig deeper into themselves and the world for the spiritual meanings of life and for their own personal development. They will sharpen explorer senses and they may be traveling more often to distant destinations, filled with mystery and lots of things to discover about the world and the self. It is the year for a more profound understanding of the superior knowledge of the self. In any case, passion and creativity are the keys that will benefit you and love may be the means that will take you on this journey or the end result of your actions in this sense. For Taurus, 2016 is also the year for love, the kind of love that will change your life perspectives and help you move upwards.

Love Tarot Scope: The wheel Of Fortune: ”Just when you thought your luck was running out things start to turn in your favor.” Just like all wheels turn the wheel of fortune is turns as well. This year though it will turn in your favor my dear Taurus with luck in the romance department. The time has come and it is well deserved. You will be lucky in love and feel that things are finally flowing the way you wanted to in your direction . If you are not in a current romance this is the year that your match may be in your reach. The doors are open for opportunities do not miss out. Grab them when you have a chance. Drop that ego and go for it. Remember just like all wheels as said before fortune and luck turn. Do not let a chance slip away from your finger tips.

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology ScopeGemini – May 22 – June 21

2016 is a very important year for Gemini regarding their home and family. You may be purchasing, building, extending or modernizing your place or make some investments to improve the esthetics, comfort and value of your home. Whatever it may be, it is clearly a valuable and advantageous investment, although it may give you some trouble along the way. The next year may come with great relationship challenges for Gemini, which require more patience and diplomacy from your part. Gemini will go through some career turbulence’s as well, but things will enter a smoother path starting with September 2016.

Love Tarot Scope: Ace Of Cups: “AND SHE WILL BE LOVED..AND SHE WILL BE LOVE LOVE LOVED” Such a fulfilling emotional loving card and brings something a new romantically. Something real. Something that takes your breath away and something that you can not help but to love back. This is it!! The Ace Of Love I call it. This is your year to find love and be loved again. Not a blinded materialistic love to but, one that fills you up emotionally. This is my falling in love card an emotional romance awaits you in 2016 Gemini.”

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology ScopeCancer – June 22 – July 22

2016 is a great year for study and learning new things for Cancer natives, making it the perfect time to learn new languages, take up a new course or even get a driver’s license. They will also improve their people and communication skills or even get better at negotiations. You will bind close relationship with people that you’ll enter in contact with in 2016, no matter we’re talking friendships, collaborations or associations that will have beneficial effects on your family or home. Your main achievements next year regard your home, your family and your real estate, but also in really inspired career choices with long-term positive results.

Love Tarot Scope: Page Of Cups: “Surprises await for the unexpected”  Messages of romance fill the air this year for you. It will be quite a  surprise when the L word is finally heard or saw but, like all pages  some of these things can just be information. Do not get flattered to fast and caught in the moment. Make sure that there is proof in the pudding before giving your heart away.  Love can be blinding especially when words of love touch us so easily dear fellow cancer. Make sure that this is not words spoken of truth.

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology ScopeLeo – July 23 -August 21

These natives will enjoy loads of energy in the year to come that will enthuse them with the love of new, original ideas and reformation of their concepts. Saturn will favor Leos with sobriety, profound judgement, patience and tenacity, very important attributes for solid, long term actions with positive outcomes for them. Leos will also enjoy the process of progress, personal development, a constant and sustained evolution and a renewal, as well as a reinforcement of previous accumulated positives, that allows them to add new building blocks to the valuable information they have previously attained. 2016 may be Leos’ career year if they open their minds, their horizons and use their creativity and intuition to speculate the best outcomes, in a strategic and wise manner.

Love Tarot Scope: The Temperance: “Have Patience Love Will Find It’s Way” The test of patience will be the theme of your romantic life this year Leo.  In order to build something solid and strong it must be done correctly and with time.  Rushing into a romantic situation will not be in your favor as a outcome if you do. Even if you need to date someone for a longer period of time for the outcome to be a long term functional healthy relationship then this is what needs to be done. The time of wasting time of insignificant relationships is over. This will be the year of building. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology Scope

Virgo  – August 22 – September 23

In 2016, Virgos will enjoy fuller, more prosperous and optimistic lives. Their personal magnetism will be accentuated and the people around them will see more into their unity as the fascinating beings as they are. You have the energy and the authority to focus better on your objectives but you’re also attracted by travel, adventures and exploring the life and yourself. You will have more detachment from things and you’ll place more importance on humor and fun in life. Virgos will enjoy great vitality and be in amazing physical shape in 2016, which will lead to an exuberant sexuality and a better love life. Overall, 2016 is a good year for Virgos, and if you keep calm and use diplomacy, you’ll stay away from any potential troubles as well.

Love Tarot Scope: The Justice “It’s 50/50 Now!  You give, I give, and balance is achieved” Tired of being a giver only to leave your pockets empty and your well bone dry in the love department? Fear not dear Virgo this will change this year. Emotional harmony and balance will be achieved in your romantic life when you learn not to give more then you receive. Enough is enough.  You learned your lesson not to bend over backwards. Accept nothing less then what you deserve and receive the fruits of a promising abundant relationship where you will be treated as an equal. Aren’t you tired of getting the short end of the stick?

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology ScopeLibra – September 24 – October 23

For Libras, 2016 will be a mixed year, with ups and downs. Your intellectual interests are more profound, more serious and your judgement wiser so it’s time you take on a major project that requires a lot more mental effort. If you use your great concentration you will succeed, but every once in a while melancholy strikes and you’ll start seeing everything from a lower spiritual perspective, unfortunately. This is due to Saturn’s influence, just so you know it, so you can prevent it from affecting you. In essence, 2016 will be a good year for Libras; the last trimester has everything in it to make your life amazing, especially the month of September.

Love Tarot Scope: The Star: “There’s light at the end of the tunnel, There’s hope for the hopeless”  Not everything that crashes is gone for good with romances my dear Libra. Even if your have not decided to focus on romance this year and rather pay attention to your own tune in fine tuning yourself.  It’s during these times of not looking when that person comes knocking at our door and the connection between the both of you will be undeniable. Both physically and spiritually your partner awaits you this year. If you already have a romantic partner expect for things to liven up and a re-connection to happen.  If you been working on manifestation through spirituality – Spirit is telling you to keep it consistent because, you will attract the energy of your  desires.

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology ScopeScorpio – October 24 – November 22

In 2016, Scorpios will be in a position to further develop their intellectual capabilities, such as persuasiveness, mental strength, analytical skills, and also further their interests in fields like psychology and more profound matters. However, stay away from excessive judgement, negative thinking, anxiety or phobias, and the tendency to manipulate others. Follow your passions and dig deep in this direction, while learning to be more honest with your close ones. Learning a few mental relaxation techniques may also help for your personal development. 2016 is particularly appropriate for you to find a friend or a group to help you in these directions. You may not find the love that you want in 2016, but with some wisdom and determination you may find yourself in the end.

Love Tarot Scope: The High Priestess : “Sometimes you can’t help who you are connected to” Never dismiss your gut  first feelings about someone you been with a romantic interest. Your intuition will never fail you and can avoid you many  problems. Seek for information and never be left in the dark with your partner.  An intriguing relationship appears love in your life this year that might be kept a secret from others. Your intuition with your partner kicks up level, be selective of whom you share your energy with spiritual  bonds are long lasting. Be cautious of secret love affairs done behind your back.

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology ScopeSagittarius – November 23 – December 22

For these natives, 2016 is a year for learning important lessons such as profoundness, rigor, patience, discipline and organization. These may be real challenges for the independent and flexible zodiac sign. Still, their power, optimism and luck will help them along the way. It’s best to dedicate your entire energy to one long term and advantageous project that may not have immediate results, than wasting your energy and time with smaller ones that won’t bring long term satisfactions. Focus on being perseverance and responsible in your work and the positive results will soon arrive. It’s also important to think positive and surround yourself with positive people because you’re more prone to diseases. 2016 is also a great year for Sagittarius natives to give up addictions of all sorts.

Love Tarot Scope: The Lovers: “I can commit – I devote myself fully” Sagittarius the spirits will bless you will a true partnership this year but, you need to be willing to invest yourself into this relationship as well. A  true partnership requires, time , work opening up emotionally at times putting the other persons needs before yours. Are you prepared for this? Can you be devoted? If so then this can be a relationship that can turn into a life mate relationship. Remember to tend to it so it can grow strong and healthy. Every tree needs water to grow. Balance is very important and to keep true to your words. Do not let something wonderful pass you by.

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology ScopeCapricorn – December 23 – January 20

You should be prepared to expand your horizons, both physically and mentally in 2016, through more traveling and getting in touch with those far away, but also mentally, by looking more into actions that are science or spirituality related. You may feel the need to ascend to a higher knowledge and 2016 is the best time to do so. Capricorns will want to know more, to perfect themselves, to get even better at their jobs and even spread the word about their new findings. They may do this by joining different thinking cults or organizations, but they need to be aware of the wrong paths and false prophets along their journey. It’s also a time to stay grounded and true to traditional values such as honor, justice or sincerity. Overall, 2016 will be a year of ascension for Capricorns, regarding their professional life as well as the relationship they have with themselves.

Love Tarot Scope: The Empress: “Self love attracts romantic love” Asking and awaiting for a true love romance? Spirit is telling you to nurture yourself  emotionally in order to attract a nurturing  or a more nurturing romance this year. Romantic partnership this year make you feel youthful, feel  beautiful, wanted and make you feel your at your  prime. Self care attracts more caring romances. Never let yourself go and remember to always take care of you as well. It okay to flirt and show your mate emotional tending you will get the same in return.  You will be  birthing tending  romance this year.

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology ScopeAquarius – January 21 – February 19

For Aquarius natives, 2016 is a great time for finding the group that shares the same goals and interests with you. It can be a professional association, or a hobby group, a club, a band, a party or even a foundation, everything that represents a solid built structure. 2016 is also the year for participation in occasional events with large crowds, such as congresses,  performances or demonstrations for a supporting a cause. Either way, for Aquarius the following year is all about finding their collective, their group. It will also be a very profitable year if you avoid the considerable financial losses that may be caused by mixing the group activities with your financial ones, by doing illegal actions, by making personal errors, or even spending over your budget. Your career may undergo a total reorganization or resetting of goals, following a longer process, which can stretch from the early months of 2016 until autumn. Relationship wise, 2016 will be a vivid and favorable year for Aquarius, but with no major events.

Love Tarot Scope: Ten Of Cups: “It’s time to settle down”  This year gives you a more settled  down relationship where you can grow and fulfill long term potential goals such as marriage and family. A true partner called a life mate. Remember though to keep your chemistry alive. Family is important but, when it starts to take away from your partnership issues may arise. Keep things  balance and remember family is the heart of making long term things work.  Include family from both of sides to create stronger inseparable bonds in special events.

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology ScopePisces – February 20- March 20

For Pisces, 2016 is all about a flourishing social life and relations, meeting new pleasant and even influential people, and enter select social circles. You may establish nice and profitable relations, make new friends, or even new associates, collaborators or allies. Love-wise, there’s plenty “fish” in the sea, but don’t exaggerate in offering or asking for too much. 2016 also means extra income and favorable relations with financial institutions, but use your money wisely and with practical purposes. Pisces will also have an increased interest for mysteries in 2016, related to the world and the self and they may access esoteric information few people have access to. Use diplomacy and tenacity to attain your higher professional goals, so you’ll enjoy a productive and prosperous year. You may enjoy increased revenues the next year, but, you need to have a clear strategy for achieving your objectives. Be patient, persistent and careful and your 2016 will be an amazing year!

Love Tarot Scope: The Four Of Cups: “If he/she bores you seek another fish” Pisces you NEED someone to keep your attention this year there will be many  suitors for you but, many unfortunately that will bore the heck out of you. Your picky. That’s why and this is  okay. If you find yourself to be bored Press the NEXT button 99% chance that this will not go anywhere and you will seek someone with more common interest. This is the year to keep your options and test the waters. Enjoy the dating life and being introduce to several people.  Travel and mingle with new people.

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