Venus Retrograde 2018: Transforming Your Relationships

Venus Retrograde 2018: Transforming Your Relationships

Venus Retrograde 2018: Transforming Your Relationships. Venus, the Goddess of Love, officially goes retrograde on October 5 and will journey back through Scorpio and Libra until November 16. Her retrograde period is a rare event in the astrological world, only occurring about once every 18 months.

What does this mean for you?

Retrogrades happen when a planet appears to be moving backward instead of its usual forward motion. Venus is the astrological ruler of all things pleasurable in life such as love, beauty, and money. She represents our hobbies, fashion, art, and the feminine spirit. When she goes retrograde, her energy becomes more intense. Your relationships and values are tested.

Scorpio (October 5-31)

Of all the signs, Scorpio retrogrades bring the most life-altering transformations. This is the place in which part of your heart goes to die. Sound terrifying? In a way, it is a painful process. However, when we let that part of ourselves go, we are given the green light to be reborn. We learn to love each other in better, healthier ways. New relationships appear in our lives. Opportunities begin to unfold. The way in which we derive pleasure is reshaped.

Venus Retrograde Scorpio energy is exacting and cuts deep beneath the surface. It sees straight through your ego and your barriers to examine what’s hidden. During this transit, you may do some heavy self-reflection. This is your chance to consider your role within your relationships. Scorpio often brings up issues of power plays. Where do you give your power away? What type of partners do you attract? Venus has everything to do with your values. The value you place on yourself will be mirrored in your relationships. This retrograde will focus your attention on the strength of those values. It will force you to face truths you may not be ready to deal with. It’s often uncomfortable, but the end result can have profound effects on your life.

Venus retrograde through Scorpio is a perfect representative of the relationship formed when a woman becomes pregnant. From the moment she conceives, she is saying goodbye to her past life. All of her free time, her sleep, her body, and the routines, become transformed. It’s not that she didn’t enjoy her old life (who doesn’t enjoy a good night’s sleep?), however, she is letting it die in order to form a relationship with her child based on unconditional love. It’s a process of deep personal growth and transformation.

Libra (October 31- November 17)

Relationships will be tested—some will break apart. Old lovers will come back to haunt you. It can be as simple as finding an old photograph, and suddenly you find your past weighing heavily on your mind. Blocked emotions may surface that you never acknowledged before now.

Or, if you have unresolved issues, your ex may contact you out of nowhere. Karmic ties may have been left uncompleted. You may find yourself exploring the idea of reuniting.

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This energy isn’t exclusive to romantic relationships. Close friendships may be tested. Business partners may go their separate ways. Whatever doesn’t have a solid foundation will be shaken up.

Just keep in mind, it’s all happening for a reason. Venus retrograde through Libra is about re-evaluating your relationships in order to create better ones. There is no better way to right your future than to learn from your past mistakes.

The Heart of the Matter

2018 has been about going inward, cutting out what doesn’t serve you, and making positive changes. Though it can seem overwhelming, this is just another step on your path to evolve and grow as a human being. This Venus retrograde may feel exceptionally intense, but it serves a purpose. This transit allows us to make room for more successful relationships. Whatever the next few weeks may bring, remember to embrace the transformation.

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