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Venus goes Retrograde

Venus goes retrograde is a time for reflection on the inward aspects of love. This is a time to analyze the things that make or break your relationships. I would say that it goes beyond just romantic relationships; I would also reevaluate friendships and relationships with family/relatives.

During this time, little things may surface within your relationships that will either confirm how great or terrible a relationship is for you. As with most retrogrades, things may seem a bit off and backwards. I know I definitely have been feeling the shift in the atmosphere. My sleep pattern has been off and I just can’t seem to get my stuff together the last few days. When I realized it was Venus retrograde it made sense! My emotions have been heightened and I find myself really soul-searching. I’ve literally been going down the list of every single relationship I have had including the ones with friends and family. I feel like a damn scientist about it! That’s ok I guess, since each retrograde brings some lessons with it. The difference with Venus retrograde is that you can take certain actions in cleaning out toxic relationships from your life. You don’t have to wait until it’s over to remove crappy people from your life (and you never should wait).

I would say that Venus retrograde just enhances the thinking and introspection people have contemplating relationships. Love is the driving force for this world. Most people’s issues revolve around matters of the heart anyway. There are two aspects to Venus: love and war. In this retrograde there will be two phases. The light aspects and the dark aspects. In the darker aspects of Venus (which is during the first part of the retrograde) there is more receptiveness and reflection going on. If there needs to be an end to any unhealthy relationships, this would be the time to do. (Again, a retrograde isn’t necessary to end bad relationships)

Around the final two weeks of the Venus retrograde, however, the energy will be more passionate and tempting. It will be that fiery, enticing kind that will make you want to rush into something new. There is a lot of sexual energy that goes on during this time causing people to do impulsive things. Part of this might include rushing into new affairs or one-night stands.
Try your best to resist that temptation until after Venus goes direct. The last thing we need is to rush into another terrible situation and create more patterns. Love doesn’t need to be rushed into.

venus_planetInstead, perhaps use this time to channel your energy into creative things like music, dance, painting/drawing, or writing. Because Venus is a planet associated with love and emotions, any expression of art is a great way to release all of the passion and intensity you may be feeling during this time. Art is emotion expressed so this may be a time where your best work surfaces.

So, to sum it up, allow yourself to analyze your relationships. If they are good for you, keep them. If they are toxic at all, it’s time to end them. Hold off on any quick, lustful affairs. They can turn into further regrets and on a spiritual level, the residual effect can linger on for months on after the fact. Transmute this passionate energy into any artistic form of expression. Most importantly, take time to really learn to love yourself.

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As with any changes that occur cosmically, they are great opportunities for spiritual growth and transformation. Let’s not get so caught up in the superficial aspects of Venus retrograde. Instead, let’s internalize this time to review our hearts and emotions and remove all the toxic debris. All of us experience heartaches and disappointments and without realizing it we become hardened.

Perhaps this retrograde can be a useful time to reconnect with our hearts and heal. Therefore, it will allow the heart to grow in unconditional love and open up to new possibilities for healthy relationships in the near future. Most importantly, don’t worry about how the retrograde can mess up your flow. It really doesn’t, it just heightens specific awarenesses linked to that planet (i.e., emotions, love, relationships). Enjoy the new information you’ll be revealed and take it easy.

Be blessed!

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