The Summer Of 7 Retrogrades Plus 3 eclipses

2018 The Summer Of 7 Retrogrades Plus 3 eclipses. This summer of 2018 we will experience a total of seven retrogrades—six of which happen at the same time. (That’s right holy shit)

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backward instead of its usual forward motion. Astrologically, this represents a period of reflection and delays. Certain aspects of your life will come to a standstill. It may seem as if you’re constantly mulling over your past behaviors, choices, and relationships. This is exactly what you should do. The universe is asking the world to slow down this summer, and to do some major introspection.

What’s even more fascinating is that in tandem with all of these retrogrades, there will be a total of three eclipses.

Let me repeat that ..

There will be a total of three eclipses.

Typically, only two eclipses occur at any given time, which makes the third one pretty rare.

Worried ??

Don’t be. Relax stay cool  I have your back. We will get through this like we have gotten through all eclipses and retrograde in the past even though this will be the longest Lunar eclipse to occur in over a century.

That’s right these are historic times, astrologically speaking.  This Lunar Eclipse that happens on July 27th (or 28th depending on where you live).

*Sings Black Hole Sun By Soundgarden *

So what does this mean for you? Here’s the  Rundown.

Think of this summer as a gift. The cosmos have aligned just for you, giving you a chance to step out of your hectic bubble, and really consider your life. This is the perfect time to ask yourself the big questions. What is serving you? What needs to fall away? Where do you need to grow? Perhaps, most importantly, how do you define yourself?

Since there are two Solar Eclipses occurring, you’re being offered a chance to take what you’ve learned and set your intentions for the future. These super-intense New Moons offer new beginnings, opportunities, and possibilities.

Take a look at which areas of your life these planets are affecting. That’s where you will feel the shifts. Each planet going into retrograde offers a unique perspective. Possibly the most significant are Mercury and Mars:

Mercury: July 26 through August 19
Mars: June 26 through August 27

Mercury goes retrograde several times throughout the year, but what makes this period different is that it’s traveling backward through dramatic Leo—opposite the sign of Aquarius, where Mars is currently retrograding. This Leo-Aquarius axis is being highlighted, and it’s not by chance. Leo rules self-expression. It’s the area of your life that allows you to create. It’s where you play, experience joy and romance. As Mercury spins backward, communications are halted. Anything involving speaking, learning, writing, travel, and trade will be more difficult.

Aquarius, on the other hand, rules over your hopes, dreams, and wishes for the future. It rules the collective, your friends, and it’s where your creative vision is fulfilled. Mars will also pass over the south node three times, forcing you to really consider your past. Your actions and drive will be halted. Your ambition will feel like it has faded. You may not be sure whether you’re on the right track in life, and you may be considering taking a new one. Aquarius is a sign that offers detachment. The energy allows you to pause and look at things from a different point-of-view.

Remember: Grounding and clearing out negativity spiritulaity is essential during this time.  Read more how to do so HERE

Capricorn themes are also highlighted as Saturn, Pluto (and briefly Mars) retrograde through this sign:

Saturn: April 17th through September 6th
Pluto: April 22nd through September 30th

Saturn rules over discipline, restrictions, career, and patriarchs. It is at home in Capricorn, bringing up past karma. Working together with transformative Pluto, this isn’t just a mild review. You can expect to feel a huge pause. You can expect to experience a major life review. Your decisions, big and small, and everything that shaped you will be on your mind. Consequences of bad decisions will weigh heavily on your mind, ranging anywhere from career losses, failed marriages, broken relationships, to death and betrayal. This is not an easy introspection, but it is one that badly needed. Pluto plays a big part in helping to build a new future. Use this time to really consider what’s broken, what needs to be rebuilt, and what needs healing.

Then, finally, we have Jupiter (just turned direct) Neptune and Uranus.

Jupiter: March 8th through July 10th
Neptune: June 18th through November 24th

Much like Pluto and Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune are also working together in harmony. Both in water signs, they form a grand twine with the Cancer sun.

What’s interesting about Jupiter turning direct on the eve of the first eclipse, is that it allows you to expand your hope and faith in the future. It allows you to ask those big, meaningful questions. This retrograde cycle should have given you ample time to consider whether or not your previous belief system was working. If it wasn’t, your eyes are now open to new possibilities. Neptune is working alongside Jupiter, taking you on a spiritual journey. During this time, you may search for growth within your soul. You may also search for an ability to connect to a greater, divine source of power. On a whole, the conscious collective is shifting.

Uranus: August 7th through January 6, 2019

Uranus is in retrograde for a long stretch of time. After giving you a dose of the earthy Taurus energy, it will travel back into Aries in order to make room for reflection. It’s asking, what do you want to build?

So take a break this summer.

Let yourself float in a pool and stare up at the sky. Don’t feel guilty for this time off. The world needs to heal on an individual and collective level, but we can’t see where we’re hurting if we don’t stop to look around. The cycles of bad decisions need to die in order to make room for growth. In the long run, this time will help you plant your feet firmly into the ground so that you can create a solid foundation for your future.

Cheers to conquering, overcoming and an ending of bad decision-making.

Are all these Cosmo changes causing your world to spin backward or will it?

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