Tarot scope By Psychic Emilie Moe

The   Fool . Don’t I love this card it gives you a sense of youth, being naive , freedom, carless  bliss and excitement of the unknown.

When the fool card appears you get the impression of someone saying ..”The hell with it!.. im gonna do it anyway “. The dog barks and tugs on his  pants leg saying “please stop you are going to fall off the edge don’t you see? ” The fool takes the step anyway off the cliff with a smile.  His  curiosity is getting the best of him and he walking off the cliff no matter what.  He’s not afraid because, he feels that there nothing to risk. A bit foolish don’t you think? It is this kind of mindset that puts him the first card of the tarot for he has not yet experienced life nor its lessons.  The child is learning what hot or cold water is. There is no better way to learn life then to experience it first hand.

Up right description: When the fool card pops in a reading know that the  question at hand  surrounds the energy of something not serious and playful. It  always reminds me of someone young, not knowledgeable,  acting without  conquense ,  free going  , easy to vibe with, adventurer who is looking to explore. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Reversed: The fool in reversed is a fool indeed. He knows he is going to fall off the cliff sees the dog warning him , knows the risk of being hurt and does it any how.  Most likely he has fell down that cliff many times over as well. When this card shows in reversed know that the energy which in question is not wise to make and that you should listen to your gut and heed the much warnings of others and learn from past lessons.

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