The Astrology Sign Of Scorpio in Tarot

The Astrology Sign Of Scorpio InTarot 

The astrology sign of Scorpio in tarot . Each tool you use for an in-depth understanding of yourself and the world around has its unique imprint and represents a portal between different layers of being. No matter your system of choice, may it be astrology, Tarot readings, hypnosis, or light-working, your practice welcomes into your existence messages that were meant to be heard and integrated. All instruments of insight and, ultimately, healing, are connected to the truth that you are seeking. Each phase you go through depends on the seasonal movements, the stars, the moon, and the collective consciousness and unconsciousness. From October 23rd to November 21 the sign of Scorpio reins which synchronizes with the tarot card of death. What does this mean? Read below to find out.  

“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile”. William Cullen Bryant

Autumn relates to the changes in the physical body, to the Earth, inner healing, contemplation, and dark colors, such as black. As the seasons come and go, we also go under the knife of natural metamorphosis. And nothing says “metamorphosis” better than the Sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio prepares us for death and rebirth, as it is the guardian of the mysteries of life. Scorpio consists of three stages:

  • The serpent, characterized by low vibrations, hiding, going unnoticed and silent. The serpent represents the first step in evolution.

  • The scorpion, an entity recognized by its ability to inflict pain if disturbed. In this stage, we hold on to harmful emotions, such as hatred, we are loyal to the systems we’ve been used to, even if they promote suffering.

  • The Phoenix is the last stage of the Scorpio sign, and it symbolizes death and rebirth, the awakening of the mind and spirit from the ashes of darkness.

The Astrology Sign Of Scorpio in Tarot We can correlate the stages of the Scorpio Sign with one particular Tarot Card: the card of Death. Also known as the Card of Transformation, this specific card holds the number 13 in every Tarot Deck. This card has nothing to do with physical death or terminal illness, but it is an indicator of the following:

  • You’ve been going through a profound personal and spiritual transformation, and it is time to shed the layers that no longer serve and define you.

  • A phase is ending and you’ve been “baptized” into a new dimension of the self.

  • Darkness has transmuted into the remedy of the soul.

  • You are now awakening and embodying your divine purpose.

Enjoy the month of November, as it carries the sacred vibration of the number 11, the Scorpio element and energy of going within and gracefully leaving behind what is no longer beneficial. You can always ask the Tarot cards for guidance. If you happen to stumble upon the 13th card of the Major Arcana, do not fear death, but joyfully prepare for a blessed beginning.

May the transformations in your life be all for the higher good – Emilie Moe

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