Tarot & Oracle Cards The Difference

Tarot & Oracle Cards The Difference. Amongst the many different kinds of ways to perform divination use decks of cards has become very popular. Tarot is undoubtedly the most popular today. However, Oracle cards have grown in popularity over the past years. Surely, many of you have heard or seen them already. But in order to understand the difference between the popular Tarot cards and Oracle cards, I have tried to offer you a brief explanation of two different kinds of card divination. Keep on reading. 

Tarot Cards

Tarot & Oracle Cards

Tarot Deck Featured: The Illuminated Tarot by Carol Herzer

Although their precise origin is shrouded in mystery, tarot cards have been rediscovered at the end of the 17th century 18th century by Antoine Court de Gebelin, who described them in the famous book “Monde Primitif”. However, it is believed that tarot cards go way back, to the 13th century, when they were referred to as “Naibi” a term from the old Sanskrit that means viceroy, locator, or governor. We still can’t pinpoint its year of creation though. Old tarot decks had a different number of cards and had different suits depending on the game style and it was very popular in Italy in particular.

A tarot deck is divided into five sections which have four suits and a fifth which are are the major arcana trump cards.  The four suits of a tarot deck are the cups, the coins, the wands and the swords. There is 78 card in total in a tarot deck.

Each tarot card has a standard set of unchangeable meanings based on its symbology. You can read the cards in reverse, in combination with other tarot cards and of course up right. Thousands of new tarot decks have been created with different imagery yet its basic meanings more or less remain the same. 

People use the tarot as a divination tool for prediction, self-help, and spiritual guidance.

A particular skill set and study in the tarot reading is needed to read accurately with the tarot. Of course, you can do a tarot reading on yourself too, but you might need a little practice and a better understanding of the significance of each card for the best interpretation of the answer.

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Tarot & Oracle Cards

Oracle Deck Featured: The Spirit Messages By John Holland

Oracle Cards

These cards are a call to inner awakening, unison with sensitivity, compassion, receptivity, courage, and individuality. With the transition from the old belief systems to the new ones, the tarot cards have been replaced by what we call oracle cards. Oracle cards make for a new divination system that is not focused on predicting the future but rather act as a mirror for the present, a window to the present moment. They are, more like “compasses” that bring clarity, guidance, confirmation, rather than crystal bowls in which we read the future.

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They interact with each person through a resonance system. Each individual resonates to particular oracle cards and this resonance is a natural expression of the vibration that each of us has. In essence, oracle cards are nothing but extensions of our own wisdom and knowledge, which, through these seemingly external tools, creates an alchemical bridge through which subtle and conscious communication is facilitated.

Oracle cards have a general message to it but, this message is very flexible to use. The key to its accuracy I feel is based on one’s connection to the cards and the diviners challenging abilities. 

Tarot & Oracle Cards

Oracle Deck Featured: Saints & Angels By Doreen Virtue

The Difference Between Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards

  • Oracle deck doesn’t have a particular number of cards, whereas Tarot cards are 78;
  • The themes and symbolistic of oracle cards are wider compared to tarot cards; they range from flowers to crystals and animals and continuing with angels, Egyptian or Masonic symbols, Spiritual Masters, etc. that you can choose from;
  • Oracle cards are not subject to clear rules like Tarot cards;
  • Oracle cards differ in their structure, that is, they are not divided into Major and Minor Arcana, they do not have suites (cups, swords, wands and pentacles); some have written on them the besides the name their meaning too, making them easier to interpret;
  • Some Oracle sets are based on Pythagorean numerology, their vibration being subject to the laws of mathematics;
  • Oracle cards generally have only positive and attractive images printed on them, unlike Tarot cards, where fearsome images such as the devil, death, 10 of swords, or the hanged man;
  • Oracle cards are much easier to use and interpret while Tarot cards require a lot more work and experience for a precise interpretation.
  • A Tarot set can be used as an Oracle deck, but a set of Oracle cards cannot be used for a Tarot reading.

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Similarities Between Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards

While there are many differences between tarot cards and oracle cards, there are similarities as well. I would like to mention here:

  • They were both created for a divinatory and inspirational purpose;
  • They both answer complex questions, from mundane questions to questions about karma and spiritual evolution;
  • They are both used in the same method (you mix the cards and focus on the question, then extract the cards and interpret the results). In the case of the Tarot, there are specific card displays. With Oracle cards linear displays of 1-3-5 cards can be made, in a freestyle according to the desire of each individual;
  • There are thousands of different kinds of themed Tarot and Oracle decks. From spiritually related one to your favorite cartoon characters and Television shows.

Does It Matter?

While you can choose either a Tarot deck or Oracle cards to answer your most burning questions, it’s important to understand that both of them can help you develop your intuition. In this sense, they are both useful tools on your path of spiritual evolution and can help in clarifying difficult and unclear situations. In the end, it’s simply a matter of personal preference and resonance in choosing one over the other. My motto ” Work with what best works for you.”


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