Tarot Misconceptions

Tarot Misconceptions

Tarot Misconceptions what’s assumed not always is. Everyone has their own assumptions of what they think tarot is but are these assumptions even true? Some of these assumptions are just not flat-out false and are based on someone’s beliefs without first-hand experience. Some misconceptions may seem outlandish to us other tarot readers but the truth is that people truly don’t know. They just take what they see on T.V or are told as truth.  I have heard all kinds of tarot misconceptions. I am here to clear the air and set things straight.

Here are just some of the misconceptions people have about Tarot and the reality of it. 

Tarot  Misconceptions:

Tarot  Misconceptions1- Your first Tarot deck needs to be gifted.

You do not have to be gifted a Tarot deck in order to start reading tarot or feel that it was “meant” for you to read tarot. Your interest in tarot is enough to get you to start your journey into tarot reading. www.Amazon.com sells many different kinds of tarot decks. Usgames also sells one of the most Famous tarot decks The Rider-Waite Tarot.

2- Distant Tarot Readings cannot be performed accurately

An In-Person reading is not needed for an accurate tarot reading. If the reader is a proficient tarot reader they can read you just as accurate over the phone too. The Tarot spiritual vibrational connection is not limited by distance.

3- A tarot reading’s outcome is not always set in stone

A Tarot reading outcome prediction is a snapshot of what things are to be if, you stay walking on the current path.  Conduct or have a tarot reading conducted for you. If you do not like the outcome ask the tarot or the reader what can you do to Change your path. Then change your path to change your outcome. You the power to change your reading outcome if you choose too. Who knows maybe the spirits guided you to the reader to help you change a bad outcome.

4- Reversals are bad Tarot Cards to have in a spread

Tarot reversals can be your friend. Unlike some other card divination systems like Sybilla, a tarot card in reverse does not strengthen its negative meaning. Instead, a tarot card in reverse can turn a negative card into a positive tarot card and a positive tarot card into more of a negative one. Don’t fear a reversal – Embrace it.

Tarot  Misconceptions5- You have to be Psychic to read Tarot

You do not have to be a psychic to be an accurate tarot reader. All you have to do is learn the 78 card meanings and practice. Your psychic abilities will naturally enhance as you divine more which will strengthen your tarot readings. Practice Makes Perfect.

6- The Tarot Death card

Some people are scared to even come near a tarot reading or read tarot because of death predictions. HERE’s Good news for you, The Tarot Death card does not mean a physical death but rather a transformation and a new beginning. Don’t Fear The Reaper.

Tarot  Misconceptions7- Tarot is not the Devil’s tool

A Tarot reading and Tarot deck were created as a tool to guide you and help you. It was designed to help you by connecting with your higher spirits to give you information. You are in control of which spirit connects with you to give you guidance during a tarot reading. Call upon your Guardian Angels at the beginning of a tarot reading to protect you and to receive advice from them. This will allow you to channel information only from them through your tarot deck.

My first misconception about Tarot

There many more kinds of misconceptions about tarot not listed here. This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I remember before I even touched a Tarot deck that I thought that my first tarot reading experience would be something out of a harry potter movie. For some reason, I thought that I would get zapped with some kind of profound prophecy download of information.  Of course, this did not happen. LOL, I laugh at it now but, movies do a thing to a child’s imagination.

How do you know unless you try?

There is nothing like having a first-hand experience in Tarot. You will never know unless you try.

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Tarot is a beautifully crafted divination tool that is not scary at all. It will not devour a part of your soul or bring you misfortune. It was created in my perspective to empower and to advise.  Tarot can help ones Love life and one’s life in general too. Like any tool though anyone can turn something beautiful and positive into something negative if they choose to work it with negative intentions.

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