Your Astrology Sign, Tarot And Time Frames

Your Astrology Sign, Tarot And Time Frames. Did you know that each astrology sign corresponds with a tarot card that features similar characteristics including both positive and negative aspects of a person?  Take a look below to find your astrology sign and read the corresponding  tarot card to see if it matches aspects of your personality or someone else that you know.  If you read tarot you can also use this  system in a tarot reading to describe someone’s personality.  Combine the tarot description of the card  along with the astrology corresponding sign traits for a more powerful detailed reading on a person’s personality.  Draw a card and see what it says of who your next romantic partner will be. Look up the major card and find out what their sign will be.

So what about predicting time frames you say???  Another way to incorporate astrology into your tarot readings is by using the corresponding astrology sign to pinpoint accurate time frames.  Pretty neat right?  Let me give you an example. For example, If a client or you want to know when they or you will receive a change of  jobs and the hermit card is pulled for the answer. I know that the astrology corresponding sign is of  Virgo. The sign of Virgo reins from august 23  to  September 22nd . I use this time frame of when Virgo reins to predict when my answer will take place.  I know I will receive a new change of jobs from  august 23 to September 22nd. Below I have  created a simple chart for you to access easily . A cheat sheet you can say. Bookmark this page or print it out.

Astrology sign : Aries

Time Frames (March 21 – April 19)

Tarot Card : The Emperor

The tarot card of the Emperor is the patriarch, the symbol of masculinity and it represents power, authority and its sobriety asks for respect. The emperor’s throne is decorated with ram horns symbolizing aggressiveness and mental power at the same time. You use your authority and analytic thinking to help others and reach personal goals as well.

Astrology Sign : Taurus

Time Frames (April 20 – May 20)

Tarot Card : The Hierophant

The tarot card of the Hierophant is the representative of spirituality, a person who holds “forbidden” or “secret” knowledge. This is the tarot card of faith, either religious or of other nature and it signifies stability, wisdom and slow but efficient actions. The wisdom that you can attain will lead you to finding the ultimate truth of life.

Astrology Sign : Gemini

Time Frame (May 21 – June 20)

Tarot Card : The Lovers

The Lovers tarot card  represents the need to make a choice when there are two possible options, hesitation or dilemma. They mostly speak of romantic relationships, love, life and happiness, but also sin and giving into temptation. Make sure you take everything into consideration when you make your decision and never abandon your integrity along the way.

Astrology Sign : Cancer

Time Frames (June 21 – July 22)

Tarot Card : The Chariot

The tarot card of the  Chariot is the symbol of slow and steady progress as well as emotional sensitivity specific to this zodiac sign. It also means that completing tasks or embracing effort is for you the sure road to success. If you rely on your amazing intuition you can reach any of your life goals.

strengthAstrology Sign : Leo

Time Frames (July 23 – August 22)

Tarot Card : Strength

The tarot card of  Strength represents the balance of between power and the inner “beast”, the animal force that is perfectly mastered and tamed. The woman opening the jaws of the lion on the Tarot card represents the ability to tame brute force. Just as the king of the jungle, you are loaded with high doses of courage, helping you overcome all life’s obstacles.

Astrology Sign : Virgo

Time Frames (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

Tarot Card : The Hermit

The tarot card of the  Hermit is the book of the one who retreats in solitude to recollect, to analyze and better understand both himself and the world. In represents the Virgo, known to pay a lot of attention to detail, to their own feelings and experiences, and ever thirsty for knowledge. At the same time, digging deeper into himself, the hermit becomes open and innocent like a child.

Libra – Time Frames (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) – Tarot Card : Justice

The tarot card of Justice signifies seeking for the truth, for the best choice available, and for a clear and objective understanding. It represents the Libra native because they are ever preoccupied with finding the best choice and the best path. When you’ve found your way you will be able to fulfill a mighty goal. It also represents the relationships with the outer world, and the way in which our actions are reflected in the society.

Astrology Sign : Scorpio

Time Frames (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

Tarot Card : Death

In Tarot card of , Death doesn’t represent physical death, but a symbol of endings, change and transformation, as well as the need to end an action to make for a new beginning. It also means you are easily detachable from everything around you and you’re ready to start a new life anytime.

Astrology Sign : Sagittarius

Time Frames (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Tarot Card : Temperance

The tarot card of the temperance is the Tarot card for Sagittarius, a sign that often fights excess to reclaim personal balance. It signifies choosing a path with no vices, the need to control abuse of any kind and seeking balance and harmony. Just as a spring, you make your path through the roughest life circumstances and nothing can stop you to reach your goals.

Astrology Sign : Capricorn

Time Frames (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

Tarot Card : The Devil

The tarot card of the Devil is all about vices, excess, and addictions and the need to control them at the same time. It’s the symbol of repressed emotions that stop personal progress in life and the temptation to abandon morals for greater heights. As a piece of advice, reflect more on all the things that made you doubt yourself and change them to your advantage.

Astrology Sign : Aquarius

Time Frames (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

Tarot Card : The Star

The tarot card of the Star is the card of hope, wisdom and understanding beyond physical and material. It has a strong influence on the future and determine how each present gesture builds our future. This zodiac sign is oriented towards the future, towards progress. Your aim is to make others have faith in their own powers and lead them to discover their purpose in life.

Astrology Sign : Pisces

Time Frames (Feb. 19 – March 20)

Tarot Card : The Moon

The Moon tarot card is one of the most complex Tarot cards and it represents the depths of the psychic, the power of intuition and illusion as well as personal fears and overcoming them. It’s important to know that moon governs emotions, which is your biggest advantage, especially when you use it to help others. This book represents Pisces, a sentimental and intuitive sign.

I have only listed the corresponding astrology signs here but, in truth I have an entire method that I use for  time prediction using the  entire  tarot  deck.  The tarot  can answer anything if you know how to correctly use it. From seasons, to specific dates , finding out how a person is, their traits, to  times of the day.  The tarot is my, many other tarot readers go to for answers  and can be yours as well.

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Have a blessed abundant day  loves. – Emilie Moe

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