Loving With Astrology Water Signs

Loving With Astrology Water Signs

Loving With Astrology Water Signs.  What is Love? Why Love? What is the essential nature of Love? Where does it come from? The tendency for the mind, to label everything it touches, complicates everything. Essentially, romantic loves, sexual desire, compassion, friendship, family love, brotherhood, fraternity, are just gradients of one and only source.

That energy is the glue of the visible and invisible reality, the essence of all, the source of all “loves”, what you call it is up to you, but since it is easier to have a reference when we use words, let’s call it the universal presence.

The zodiacal signs essentially represent the gates of a climbing spiral through which the universal presence becomes conscious of itself. Each gate has its own vibration, its own keynote and provides a specific type of experience in the substance to consciousness. The spiral occasionally becomes a circle,  but it will eventually start climbing again and the universal awakening will continue until the only thing that will be left will be the ultimate fire of love.

In zodiacal symbology, the gates of love are represented by the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Those gates shape the watery substance of all life forms in a certain way in order to trigger a progressive awakening in consciousness. Let’s have a closer look at each of those signs and how it operates at a personal and spiritual level

Loving With Astrology Water SignsThe first gate, Cancer of love.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is said to be the mother of all forms. Your first natural attraction when you appeared in this world was towards your mother, it was your first love, she was associated with safety and warmth, and those feelings were already there in the womb. Cancer represents the safe haven in us, our psychological oasis but also our home, our roots, and family, what we cherish deep inside, the place we can rest, away from the cold light of Saturn.

When a Cancer spiritually awakens, his family radius suddenly encompasses all of the humanity. Their caring attitude and compassion suddenly expand to all and everything. Those cancers will mother and cherish all life forms with patience and dedication. “Peace and kindness for all beings,” says the Dalai Lama who is a Cancer with rising sign in Cancer.

From a romantic point of view, the Cancer will be at its best and take care of his partner if he feels safe in the relationship. As soon as this feeling of safety disappears the Cancer will retract into his shell and it will be the end of that stream of love and care until the emotional ground is stabilized again. Cancers are generally loving and caring partners with a charming child-like attitude.

In Cancer, the power of personification is directed toward building a clearly defined field of operation, within which a human being may become identified in love and purpose with others. The love of Cancer is the love of the divine Mother, it comes from above and is directed downwards on the creation.

Loving With Astrology Water SignsScorpio is the second gate of love in the zodiac.

The loving and caring attitude of Cancer is impulsive and unconscious, put in motion by the “spirit beyond the veil” like for all cardinal signs. In Scorpio, the ego is now in charge and very self-aware, it recognizes itself as a source of intense desires that it want to express horizontally in the substance. The agenda of the Scorpio always implies intense interaction with others.

In Scorpio, the relationship enters the phase of substantiation. It must materialize and become an entity, may it be a business partnership, an organization or a love affair. The love of Scorpio is a love that seeks to merge, hence the sexual connotation of the signs.

Scorpios are intense when they love it is not with moderation. They are generally extremely trusting and dedicated partners.

Scorpio is the gate of human love, it flows “horizontally” from human to human and it will produce tangible results, children or shared resources. The function of that gate is to unify the human family through shared feelings.

Loving With Astrology Water SignsPisces is the final gate of love on the zodiacal wheel.

The energy of Pisces reveals the spiritual nature of the universe. It shows that nothing is real, that inner peace can only be attained by surrendering to what is beyond and bigger than us. The trial of Pisces can only be overcome through faith, compassion, and surrender.

Archetypes of the signs of Pisces often live their life as if they were moving through a dream. Their sense of identity has often dissolved to the point where they can literally become others, hence their natural compassion.

Pisces can be hard to grasp in a relationship but they are generally very easy going. They are fairly detached from the material world so they are fairly drama free too. Thanks to their pink glasses, they are very forgiving and open to everyone which is a quality but can occasionally become a problem as they are attracted and attract everyone without discrimination.

Love emerged spontaneously in Cancer through caring and cherishing, intensified in Scorpio though intense and magnetic desires and, after all, psychological structures have dissolved, is finally expanding through all universe in Pisces. The universal Presence is finally aware of Itself again.

Love is essentially the way back home, everything, visible or not, comes from it and will go back to it. Love is the glue of the worlds. Human love is a little tiny aspect of it, important nevertheless because it provides the necessary experiences that will lead to spiritual awakening, the awakening of the universal presence to itself.

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