How to keep afloat during this Mercury Retrograde

How to keep afloat during this Mercury Retrograde. The very talked about Mercury retrograde is a very insightful astrological event and is happening as we speak.  So, what is this Mercury retrograde and what should be expect? But mostly, what survivor tools do you need at reach to make it safe and sound?

Mercury retrograde occurs around 3 times every year and when this happens you may experience sudden breakdowns, misunderstandings, miscommunication problems, delays, and everything related to communications.

Although Mercury retrograde is often times received with much anxiety or apprehension, here are a few things that will help you better understand it and regard through a positive lens, in other words, your tools for survival during this Mercury retrograde.

Mercury retrograde brings with it the most profound and extraordinary revelations offering us the best solutions to our problems and details that we missed out. The things we didn’t observe before will simply catch our attention and we will have a panoramic understanding of our situation for better decision making. Still, Mercury in retrograde is not for making decisions, but about a greater awareness and mental clarity.

It is also the time of “going back” and fixing the things that need fixing, hence, a great period for improving your projects because all the flaws and miscalculations will automatically stand out. It’s your time to fix, improve and perfect yourself.

Mercury retrograde makes your words wiser, bringing together people that have strayed away, family, friends and help solve conflicts, clear things out and bring peace where needed. You will experience relations getting fixed, once the emotions and resentments are put out in the open to be healed, discussed and freed.

Another great aspect about this Mercury retrograde is that it brings a time of mastering your skills, knowledge and ultimately yourself. So, enjoy this respite to become better at what you do, practice and perfect, resume your research and learn. Old ideas may come to life in this time, those ideas that you said you never had time to put into practice. You have now the perfect opportunity to bring them out and make them happen.

Last but not least, as I’ve said, Mercury retrograde is a great teacher, and its greatest lesson for us all is to align with our true selves, with our hearts. When you want to realize what you truly want deep within and allow your heart to manifest, you may feel as if your entire logic and reasoning are affected, but you need to trust yourself, trust all that is and allow this magical event we’re going through together as we speak, guide your steps and light your journey. Trust that all is well and enjoy the ride!

Here are the 5 ways to keep your emotional and physical body balanced during this time:

1. REceive and be Open

Be open to receiving new information.  This is the time that you will find new methods to resolve problems that currently face you.  Old methods at this time can die hard.

2. REconnect

Reconnect with people, yourself, and things you have lost touch with.

3. REdo, REpeat, RE….

If the first time it does not work repeat and redo.  This yes can be frustrating but, maybe its a lesson of patience. never rush anything during this time.

4. Leave the contract signing for another time.

Do not sign contracts.  This is the time where you may REgret signing important documents. wait until things spin back direct.

5. Back up all your work

Technology can fail you during this time. I just lost about 9 hours of videos. Do not make the same mistake that I have done. BACKUP YOUR WORK.


Love, Emilie ( Emmy )

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