Full moon in Virgo lands on mystical number 222

Full Moon In Virgo Lands On Mystical Number 222

Full Moon In Virgo Lands On Mystical Number 222. Every full moon is a very important monthly event from the astronomical, as well as the astrological perspective, because everything that happens in the universe deeply influences our inner worlds and their unfolding.

This is why, I truly believe that acknowledging the subtle energetic influences of the full moon will only benefit everyone. The upcoming full moon that takes place on 2/22 which is actually tomorrow marks the beginning of the week and it will be in Virgo at exactly 6:21 p.m.

Coincidentally, or not, this full moon revolves around the angelic number 2, that adds a deeper meaning and significance to the whole event. Why? Angels speak to us all the time and all we have to do is listen carefully to that inner voice that comes from deep within, the voice of the divine.

Even more, in angelic numbers there are no coincidences, but patterns that we get as reminders of who we truly are and where we need to get.

Luckily for all of us, the angelic number 2 has a good vibe, resonating with balance, harmony as well as adaptability, cooperation and love, and it comes as a reminder that we need to trust and have faith in our divine purpose and soul mission.

Full Moon In Virgo Lands On Mystical Number 222This angel number is our reminder that whatever we asked for to manifest into our lives has already started to happen and all we need is patience and trust in its natural unfolding, with no resistance and how the outcome needs to manifest.

Coming back to the important event that is the full moon on 2/22 in Virgo, there’s an important aspect about this full moon and that is a major shift in perception that will effect not just the Virgo natives, but each and every astrological sign.

This full moon brings with it a whole new level of illumination as part of this perception transformation wave that will affect every one of us in a positive way.

The subtle message attached to this full moon in Virgo is that we need to surrender to what is, even if it’s unfamiliar and it gets us out of the comfort zone we’re used to. In other words it trusting what is, and enjoying the perfection in imperfection, the bliss in the unknown with the certainty that is for our highest good and purpose.

People born around the 22nd of February, June, September or December (plus/minus 3 days from this date) will feel the astral energies of this full moon deeper than anyone else.

The energy of this full moon is gravitates around two complementary energies of Virgo and Pisces, that requires a fine tuning between the two. Both these signs are healing signs, support and being of service to others in different ways.

Full Moon In Virgo Lands On Mystical Number 222Virgo represents the analyst and the perfectionist, the “doctor” that heals the conditions of the society, while Pisces is the martyr, the healer of the soul and our spiritual body.

The message is that we are not alone, but we are constantly helped and assisted even if we don’t realize it. Here with us we have our spiritual protectors, our friends and allies, and with this tremendous help, all we need to do is aim for our goals and dreams and trust their fulfillment. Interestingly enough, the angelic number 2 is conveying the same message as well.

Let’s see how the full moon on February 22nd may influence each zodiac sign.


For Aries natives, this upcoming full moon finds them in the 6th astrological house of work, which means that they will be focused on administrative and organizational tasks related to their business. Health-wise, they need to focus on eating lighter and healtier; a detox could be welcomed.


These natives may need to loosen up a bit on their control and expectations on all aspects of their lives, more importantly work and relations, although this implies coming out of their comfort zone.


Gemini natives will feel more down to earth and handle some mundane business. They should keep this attitude towards more important aspects as well on this full moon.


These natives will focus on problem solving on this full moon because the circumstances will require. The information exchange may benefit them if regarded from a positive perspective.


Leos may experience some financial struggles caused by some relations, either personal or institutional, but nothing too serious. They should focus on counting their blessings before anything else.


The full moon in Virgo this month will find these natives in a calm state that always works for them and their focus will be on finalizing some contracts or business. Keeping calm is their key of getting by and benefiting this full moon.


The full moon finds these natives in the 12th astrological house, that of the subconscious and hidden self, forcing them to focus on their bodily and mental health from a more natural approach.


These natives really need to pay more attention to what happens to their friends or dear ones, so it’s a moment of close observation and conclusions rather than happiness. Nighttime is a great adviser for Scorpios.


This full moon finds Sagittarius natives in the 1st astrological house, that of the self. This may trigger personality crisis, or dramas that are meant to help them resettle into all the levels of their existence.


These natives will find a hard time dealing with professional activities or research and stay balanced inside at the same time. This instability may be triggered by their coming out of their comfort and doing something that they’re not used to.


It’s a very demanding period for Aquarius natives that may come with health problems as well. They need to understand that some of their previous evaluations we’re based on misassumptions and their excellent mental state will help them do this.


These natives may be in the position to renegotiate their status into a type of partnership due to their need of affirmation. They may solve their financial issues, but will have more clarification about it.

A full moon is always a time of harvesting the fruits of our labor of creation of who and what we’re chosen to be. This is why is such a great time of clearing our thoughts and emptying our minds so we can evaluate whether what we’re seeded had grown into something that we really wanted. Whatever you find about yourself will help you become more of who you are either way.

Remember that you’re always assisted and helped from a higher level and that life is always a matter of choosing and re-choosing our selves, a matter of creation that we all master perfectly. You are love and light, always know this!

Stay well, stay peaceful and blessed.

Much love Emilie Moe  ( Emmy )

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