Full Moon In Taurus – October 27th 2015

It is with light and gratitude in my heart that I come to you with insight, direction, and clarity. While many of us understand the significance of the moon and its impact on our daily lives, I believe it is vital for all of us to connect and understand how the moon and her phases can shape the world we live in.
Even the most skeptical or spiritually closed off people can recognize the power of the moon energies, particularly around the full moon. Many joke about how the ‘crazies’ come out during the full moon, or that people act strangely during the full moon. While this is a vast over simplification of the power of the moon, the power of the energy over the creatures on this Earth are powerful and observable to the unaware eye. I believe that opening one’s self up to fully understanding this energy, both positive and negative, can lead to a happier, deeper connected, and empathetic daily life.

Every month we watch the Moon rising, setting, waning, and waxing. Each of these phases require energies that the Moon calls upon the Universe to provide. In return, the Moon emits her own energies based on how other planets are aligned. This symbiotic and beautiful dance between the creatures of Earth and the energy of the Moon can shift the way our world feels and how we as people feel. This beautiful waltz between the Moon and her people can create optimal times to become pregnant, when to plant your garden, or when to avoid confrontation. Understanding this is truly a gift to yourself and those around you.
Our next Full Moon arrives on October 27th, and is in Taurus. I can feel you asking, “What does that mean for my life?” While it is tempting for me to write a more textbook answer to this question, I feel it isn’t the technical aspect of this event that needs understanding, but rather the spiritual and emotional toll it can have on your life. The Full Moon is a time for harvest, in that we have the opportunity to reap what we have sewn for the previous cycle days, both positive and negative.

The Taurus New Moon occurred on April 28th, so the energies you have put out into the world during that time will come to a head this month. With a Full Moon in Taurus, you might find yourself being more successful in actions that yield material rewards. The energy from Taurus amplifies the success of financial activities, and is also a fruitful time to begin long term relationships. Taurus is an earthy and grounded sign, and the power that the Full Moon exudes amplifies the attributes of Taurus. Be aware, however, that while Taurus is down to Earth, it is also a passionate and vocal sign, and you might feel yourself with the drive and desire to question those around you, speak loudly, or spend your money wildly. Understanding this drive and these forces will help you make decisions that will not create negativity in your life later.

As I remember Full Moons in the past, I connect to the events and moments that I felt lost or confused in and realize that much of my strife came from not understanding and embracing the effect that the Full Moon had on my life. It is this connection with my past that drives me to write this now to you, and I feel strongly that this is a message you need to hear. Be aware and open to the energies, but understand them as a means to harness them. Accept that you can never control them, but you are strong, spiritual, and capable of embracing them and directing them. Look back to times when you felt you were not in control of your own destiny, and realize that while you might not have been able to control the wind that put your sail into motion, you were strong enough to change course by working with the wind and not fighting against it. The Full Moon is the very same as that wind: You cannot control the cycle, but you can work with the energies to create the most authentic and fulfilling experience that this life has to offer.


God Bless – Emilie Moe ( Emmy )

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