Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio Monthly Astrology Scope

Full Moon in Scorpio Monthly Astrology Scope. Full Moon in Scorpio – April 22nd . Hello Loves welcome back to my blog! We’re two days away from the most important monthly astronomical and astrological event, which is the full moon. This full moon in Scorpio is two days away, and will take place on this Friday, April the 22nd.

There are many interesting things that will follow and some things you may want to consider, that I am about to share with you here.

Full Moon in ScorpioThe theme of this week is love in all its manifestations.
The question at hand is what do we actually love and how much and what is the true cause that makes us passionate about living. Intensity is the key word of this event, making it a special and important full moon.

Let’s set one thing straight: Scorpio is considered the most notorious zodiac sign, this astrological boogie man that makes a lot of people apprehensive or even terrified. However, it’s more prejudice than it’s actually true, about Scorpios, and what we can learn more from these natives is passion. This is their gift.

Now it’s the time to separate the falsity from our truths and be open and passionate about what we really are and what we really love. This should be our practice and focus for this upcoming full moon, to make the most of it.


For this natives the upcoming full moon in Scorpio brings a great opportunity to revise their relations in which they’ve invested feelings effort and resources. Make sure what you balance what you put out and your expectations.


You need not worry about your relationships, including your love partner, because they will entered an illuminated path on this full moon. Augur well in balancing between partnerships and personal life, between “me” and “us”.


It’s your time to make improvements in your work/daily routine area and balance things out for the sake of your physical and emotional health. Take some time for yourself to pamper and enjoy life’s small pleasures.


Love is in the air for Cancer natives. It’s your time to shine and turn your deepest dreams into reality. Take courage and be confident in your own capabilities and strengths. The stars will come to your help.


Your gift and challenge on this full moon is balancing the harmony at home with your work responsibilities and career aspirations. Look for a middle ground by confronting and overcoming self-imposed limits. Have patience and be generous to your close ones.


The way in which you communicate is your theme on this full moon. You need a small attitude change in the sense of taking practical measures with bravery. No matter the situation, you need to verbalize your opinion in order to avoid things to blow up out of proportions. Have faith that everything will be just fine.


The thing you need to ask yourself these days is literally “What is the reason you get out of bed every morning?”. What are you true values and what do you hold dear. By the end of this summer, you can make the necessary changes or adjustments where you feel dissatisfied.


This full moon resonates with you more than with any other zodiac sign, because it’s all about you. The feelings that animate you, your deepest wishes, as well as the fears that unease you. It’s time to overcome these fears and move your focus to fulfilling your destiny. Leave the things that limit you aside, let them go, so you can enjoy the ripe fruits of your labor at the end of the rainbow.


Your goal for this week is enjoying peace of mind and what you can learn during this full moon is to let yourself be carried by life to where you need to be. The road will ultimately take you there if you don’t force changes or impose your will. Leave out your worries and your acute sensitivity just enjoy the ride.


A positive attitude and more spontaneity will help you out to make the right choices and fulfill your deepest desires during this full moon. With this state of mind you’ll avoid possible setbacks, disappointments or even break a friendship. Have faith!


You may go through major career changes this spring, and this upcoming full moon on Friday is the best time for you to make a personal needs list and compare it with an obligations list. You may have to set some boundaries regarding what is necessary for you, what gives emotional security and how many responsibilities you can take without damaging your personal or family life.


This full moon is 100% in agreement with your emotions and personality, because the full moon in Scorpio resonates with your soft side, stimulating your imagination and intuition. In addition, it gives you courage and make you see clearly things that others may miss. This is also the time to make serious plans regarding your career, but there’s no need for major changes right away.

This upcoming full moon in Scorpio comes with important life lesson for everyone to become greater versions of ourselves. Listen to the voice of your heart, because you heart always knows best. May you have a full moon filled with love and peace!

Until next time, XOXO!

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