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Full Blue Moon July 31st 2015 By Emilie Moe
Once in a Blue Moon…..Full Moon July 31, 2015 (second one this month….yikes!)

We’ve all heard the term, “once in a blue moon”. Usually, this term means that something happens very rarely. Well, blue moons are when there are two full moons in a month or if there are four instead of three in an astronomical seasonal according to timeanddate.com.

Putting the scientific stuff aside, I would say that two full moons in the month of July is pretty magical and fantastic. The number 7 represents completion and the full moon itself is a great time to complete things. The full moon always brings lots of energy with it and this month we get a double portion! Because the month of July deals with the signs of Cancer and start going into Leo, I would say that this month is hyperemotional. There seems to be lots of transitioning and switching around of plans.

It seems that things that perhaps seemed to be so constant and stable suddenly have shifted into a different path that you may not have exactly planned for. But not to worry! I’m a firm believer in elevation during these changes. With this moon, set your intentions of what you want the rest of this year to close out with.

This is the time to really empower your spirit and say to God/Universe/The Divine/Creator what you want. Maybe this is a good time for a makeover inside and out. Dye your hair that color you’ve been thinking about. Listen to your favorite songs and clean house! Remove the toxic people and situations from your life and shake off the old.

This is the time to come full circle and take back your boldness and light! This full moon seems to have such a positive and empowering energy spiritually speaking. This can be the switch you’ve been waiting for your entire year…or life, for that matter.

Charge your crystals in the full moon, place your angel cards out in the moonlight and just soak up that incredible lunar energy.

As with any full moon, emotions do run deep so careful that you don’t overdo it. Try to not take things to an overly dramatic and escalated level if things aren’t turning out as planned. Things will turn out as they should in the end. Don’t fight the process either. Sometimes we have to experience certains things for a specific season and these seasons can last days, weeks, months and sometimes years. These seasons bring lessons and wisdom. To me, this full moon is focused on empowerment and divine wisdom. I feel it’s about that strong feminine energy…getting that womanly feeling back (or manly if you’re a man).

This full moon somehow inspires me to grow and release the old mentalities and old emotions that no longer serve me for my greater good. I don’t know…it’s just different.

So…enjoy this full moon and take in all of the infinite love and positive things it brings. Release the old and embrace the new!

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