August Astro Scope | Full Moon in Aquarius

August Astro Scope | Full Moon in Aquarius.  August is a time when you will feel inclined to give back to the community! Let’s take a look and see what transits to expect during this month, as it starts off with a Full Moon.

On August 3rd, there is an Aquarius Full Moon. This is a time when you will be given an opportunity to utilize your gifts and creations to help make a difference to the community. You may be inclined to join some groups of like-minded individuals so you also find out where you sand in society. And you can learn how your gifts can make a positive difference to the world and to the community. The next transit on the following day will be helpful in regard to this!

On August 4th, Mercury enters Leo which will help with self-expression and with creativity. Just be careful not to appear to be boasting and be mindful of potential stubbornness. However, on August 7th, Venus enters Cancer which can help tame any stubbornness as this transit will bring out the sensitive, nurturing, and caring side in all of us. And being extra romantic with your partner is another thing you will see happen as a result of this transit. Being extra nurturing will serve you well based on the next big transit that is happening on the 15th.

On August 15th, Uranus goes into retrograde in Taurus until January. If you have been out of sorts over the last few days, that is because you are feeling the effects of the shadow. This means that changes will be on the way that is liberating. There will be shake-ups, break downs, and sudden shifts. This retrograde will affect societies as a whole more than anyone on a personal level.

However, because Uranus is retrograding in Taurus, don’t be surprised if thoughts about money begin to change. You also may be inclined to make sure you do your part to keep the environment protected by making sure you recycle used items and will be more open to the effects of climate change.

On August 18th, there is a New Moon in Leo. New Moons represent fresh starts so if you have not had enough R&R over the past month, you are presented with time to make sure you have some fun! Keep staying in touch with your creative side, and take advantage of a time to do more self-reflection.

On August 22nd, the Sun enters Virgo. Happy Birthday, Virgo! The summer is coming to an end and this means it is time to start focusing on practical concerns. If you have kids, then this is why it is the perfect time to prepare them for going back to school. Either way, this is a time to start getting organized and paying better attention to detail.

Tarot Card for the Month of August: The Empress | Simplcity Tarot

The Empress is guiding you to go stay creative and find ways to nurture your community, as well as the environment. This again is a time to give back to others, while staying true to yourself, and the cards indicate that as well.

May-August bring you happiness & all that you desire.

Full-Moon blessings

Emilie Muniz

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