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Astrology Tarot Forecast March 2020

Astrology Tarot Forecast March 2020. Happy Birthday, Pisces! March will be a month during the first part that will bring a lot of confusion, but towards the end, there will be more clarity. However, during the first part, you will want to keep getting the guidance you need for aspects in your life that need attention. This will also be a time that you will find ways to ground yourself. The month is kicked off with Mercury continuing on with the retrograde which was going on since mid-February. On March 4th, Mercury falls back to Aquarius as it leaves Pisces, which will cause challenges to your original way of thinking. This will bring further confusion. In fact, you may face some anxious moments due to erratic energies as well as confusion from the retrograde. You may get into arguments over misunderstandings, and don’t be surprised if emails don’t get sent properly as well. Appointments may be missed as well.

However, the good news is that with Venus moving into its home, Taurus, the day after, you will start having an easier time grounding yourself. Take the time to look around and focus on your senses. Additionally, the Virgo Full Moon on the 9th will also remind you to ground yourself, and to focus on mini-goals instead of overwhelming yourself with larger goals that are in the long term.

On the 10th, Mercury finally goes direct which will bring a little relief and will help you think more clearly. But don’t get too excited. We will be in the post-retrograde shadow period until the 29th which will bring up some of the kinks that need ironing out from the retrograde and that can be frustrating.

Additionally, on the 16th, Mercury will enter Pisces once again which will still be adding to the confusion. However, on the 21st, the Sun will move into Aries which will provide you time for a fresh start.

Happy Birthday, Aries! Saturn also moves into Aquarius on the 22nd which will provide you an opportunity to once again define your short and long-term goals and will bring you the clarity that you finally need. And once again, on the 29th, Mercury will be over its post-retrograde shadow so you will finally be able to breathe in a breath of fresh air. The confusing and erratic times have ended and you can concentrate on your fresh starts!

Tarot Reading Scope

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Now, let’s take a look at what the cards are showing in order to provide you with the guidance that you need to navigate during this confusing time. The cards that come up are the Moon, the Hierophant, the 5 of Swords, and the Temperance card. The Moon that comes up is indicating that during a time of confusion, do not make hasty decisions. In fact, put any decision to be made on hold for the time being. That is unless an issue that comes up urgently and clearly that requires you to make a decision fast.

The Hierophant also comes up by guiding you to join a community that shares the same beliefs or views as you to help you with any decision making the process for the future. That means relying on the wisdom of others who you trust is the thing to do right now. The 5 of Swords comes up next as it shows you will likely get into arguments, and it is there to remind you to pick your battles. Sometimes some battles are not worth it. And finally, the Temperance shows up by reminding you to be patient and to go with the flow. It will not be easy to do but remember, the confusing time will pass and you can finally make some fresh starts for April!

Many blessings & Wishing you an amazing March.

Emilie Muniz

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