Astrology Tarot Forecast February 2020

Astrology Tarot Forecast February 2020. Happy Birthday, Aquarius! This is your month until the 19th when Pisces can enjoy their birthday. This will be a month when you will need to follow your intuition, as well as to tap into your creativity, and to seek guidance so you can have the insight you need for certain aspects of your life.

Last month, your challenge was to create balance in all areas of your life. This time you will need to tap into your intuition to help you solve some problems you may be facing as Mercury enters Pisces on the 3rd. You will be guided to listen more and to talk less, in addition to tapping into your intuition and creativity.

And one area of life where you will need to tap into your intuition is when it comes to meeting those for the first time who you may believe are your potential mates. That means for those of you who are single, you may think that someone who you meet initially is ‘the one’ due to believing in ‘love at first sight’ with Venus entering Aries on the 7th. And this applies to those who meet someone who seems like they will be a fantastic friend. Don’t get caught up in the belief that there is such as thing as ‘love at first sight’ or that someone kind who you meet will be a good friend. Rely on your inner guidance to help you determine that.

During this time you have been inclined to listen more than talking and expressing yourself but with the Leo Full Moon on the 9th, this is the time to shine, express yourself, and tap into your creative side. However, starting a new creative project is not ideal to do as Mercury goes into retrograde on the 16th until March 9th. Even though it is not the time to start anything new, it is a good time to brainstorm and do some strategic planning for any new projects that you will want to start.

You will also get a little bit of help for that with Mars entering Capricorn at the same time. You can brainstorm how you can make a profit from your creativity or look for ways to create a side income when the timing is right next month! However, be aware that your intuition may be a little off during the latter part of this month due to the retrograde at times which is why you will want to seek guidance from others who have plenty of experience in the thing you are planning. You definitely want to make sure that you are not missing anything important during your planning.

You will also want to seek guidance as well since Neptune is making a sextile to Jupiter on the 19th so you have the opportunity to zero in on your ideals. And don’t be surprised if you are skilled in a certain area and others who want to develop your type of skills come to you as well for this reason. Additionally, the Sun is entering Pisces at the same time which will help create more empathy and the desire to help. Happy Birthday, Pisces!

And finally, on the 23rd, there will be the Pisces New Moon which means it is a time for meditation and prayers, as well as seeking solitude to become introspective and reflective. You need to take advantage of the energies around you so you can be good and ready for a fresh start in March!

Let’s look at the tarot cards that come up for guidance for this month. The cards that come up are The High Priestess, The Hierophant, The Hermit, and The Moon. The High Priestess comes up as the first card as it is guiding you to tap into your intuition and to rely on your inner guidance throughout the month. The Hierophant comes up as well which guides you to also rely on your own wisdom in addition to intuition and use it to fight temptation (that you may feel when Venus moves into Aries). Perhaps consider joining a group of people who share the same beliefs or desires as you so you are part of a community.

The next card that comes up is the Hermit, and you are being guided to do some soul-searching which was already suggested based on the astrological forecast. And finally, the Moon shows up as you will feel a sense of uncertainty at times and with the Moon showing up, you will not want to make quick decisions before examining the situation clearly. Mercury will be in retrograde after all, so making decisions this month will not be recommended unless you absolutely have to for something that needs it and clearly shows up – such as a car breaking down to the point that it is not salvageable. There is no room for uncertainty when it comes to the time to look into buying a new car!

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Many blessings & Wishing you an amazing February.

Emilie Muniz

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