Astrology Tarot Forecast December 2019

Astrology Tarot Forecast December 2019. Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! This is your month until the Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st. And if you are feeling out of sorts somewhat at the start of the month, that is because your ruling planet, Jupiter has left your sign and entered Capricorn where it really does not feel at home. However, this can provide you with an industrious effect which means people will be encouraged to develop their own objectives regarding their careers. In a nutshell, December will be a very productive month for you!

For those who are not necessarily looking to change their careers or even establish one, this transit will encourage them to develop their character and help them become influential in something they are passionate about. And Jupiter will be in Capricorn for the next 12 months which means this effect will last that long.

In addition to that, you will see that the necessary changes that need to be made in businesses will be made with Jupiter transiting in Capricorn. As you can see, December is off to a serious start! However, on the 12th, the Gemini Full Moon will encourage people to take a break from the serious energy and get together with their friends to have some fun and light conversations. This Full Moon will also provide people with the perspective that there is more to life than just work and career. It will be a nice break.

dreaming psychic tarotAdditionally to that, on the 13th, passionate and energetic Mars makes a trine to dreamy and psychic Neptune which means both of their energies flow in harmony. With the effects of the Full Moon in addition to this transit, you will be inclined to meditate and do some journaling, and your intuition will be even stronger. You may even have moments of lucid dreaming. This transit can also help you out when it comes to you getting the guidance for making changes to your business, career, or changing your reputation.

In addition to that over the next few days in mid-December, powerful and transformative Pluto will be making a conjunction to social and beautiful Venus, which also rules money. Jupiter will also be making a trine to innovative Uranus which will persuade you into trying new and exciting things. And Mars will be making a sextile to stern Saturn.

All of these transits happening in mid-December are not just going to support you when it comes to you making major changes with your business, career, or you make changes to your character. You are going to be inclined to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to making expansions to any of it but in a structured and smart way.

love psychic tarot reading The unconventional thinking will also be heightened when Venus moves into Aquarius on the 20th, which may also mean this will have an effect on their relationships. Couples may be inclined to try out different exciting things such as going for an outdoor swim together in the freezing cold winter air.

And speaking of winter, the Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st, and that means Happy Birthday Capricorn. This is your time. Everyone will be distracted by the holiday season but the business energy is staying strong. Especially when the New Moon which is also a solar eclipse enters Capricorn on the 26th, and Mercury enters the same sign on the 29th. You will be focusing on creating New Year’s resolutions that involve you finding ways to organize yourself and your life, as well as creating the structure you will need so you can implement the changes you are making to your business, career, or yourself in general so they can rock!

You see that December will be a productive month which is great for setting goals in the new year!

Now let’s see what the tarot cards say. The cards that come out for December to help provide you the guidance you need are the Emperor card, the Wheel of Fortune, the Hermit, and Ace of Swords.

The Emperor is guiding you to stay structured and focused while you are inclined to make changes with your career, business, or your reputation as a whole. Don’t do anything rash even if you may be inclined to. And the Wheel of Fortune is guiding you to expect a change in events and in your life which also represents the need to make those business-like changes. That said, embrace it all. This also means that the Hermit comes up and is encouraging you to dig deep within and find out what type of changes you can make that will work in your favor. The Ace of Swords also indicates that you are going to be having some new and powerful ideas, and what a way to ring in 2020!

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Many blessings & Wishing you an amazing December.

Emilie Muniz

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