7 Personality Traits Of The Cancerian Zodiac Sign

7 Personality Traits Of The Cancerian Zodiac Sign

7 Personality Traits Of The Cancerian Zodiac Sign . The Cancer is a feminine (introverted), water astrological sign governed by the Moon. For many the name Cancer gives off a bad vibration due to its identical name of the disease.  The word cancer  however though comes from its Latin meaning for crab. The Cancerian sign reigns its energy through  dates of June 20, to July 22.  The constellation of Cancer confers a life full of movement, restlessness and inconstancy. That also has an overflowing energy of entrepreneurship as well. A Cancer is also a taciturn character, of incisive with, manners who generally has a  strict conduct. But, what  other traits does a Cancer sign have?  Read on to find out and see if this sounds like a Cancerian sign you know.

Here is 7 Personality Traits Of The Cancerian Zodiac Sign:

1. Sensitive People

Cancer natives are influenced by the Moon (the traditional governor), which makes them rather emotional and emotive and too much attached to the past, to memories and family. A Cancer native is shy and they base their decisions on emotions and feelings, making them vulnerable and easy to impress person, always looking to hide away in their hard shell. This shield, which allows them to show a totally different personality to the world, and not their true colors. They are also very sensible people, sentimental and often time experiencing shifting states of mind. With this in mind Cancers are very intuitive people. They rely on their hunches and sense of knowing without facts.  Often you may hear a cancer telling you about their dreams or strong beliefs in spirituality as well. They are believers that there is more then meets the eye in life. 

2. A Symbol of Consistency

A strong point of this sign is their fierce consistency that manifests in everything that they do. This at times can easily turn to stubbornness though. These people will eventually get what they want and reach their goals, in a way that no one could ever say it was not their full merit.  Cancer native’s ideal is generally pointing towards a strong financial situation, and they will do everything in his powers to get it. They are rather conservatory and traditionalist people.

3. The Family Oriented and lovers

Cancer symbolizes the period of time in which fruits get ripe, when the buds are maturing with an unstoppable vital enthusiasm and ardor. In this sense, the Cancer sign and his existential profile is associated with  everything related to home, to hearth, to mother and to family, to people and to country. The metaphor that best captures Cancer’s nature is that of deep waters, denoting the profoundness and depth of their character and spirits. In their love relations, Cancer natives are hopeless romantics with a loving and gentle disposition

7 Personality Traits Of The Cancerian Zodiac Sign4. The Skeptic

Cancer is skeptical and mistrustful of people, interpreting every word they speak by the inflections of their voice. This means that he is affected by how people express themselves rather than by what they say. They have this acute urge to confess their most profound thoughts, but if there’s no one there to listen or no one wants to listen, they will shut off to other people, become silent and cautious, by putting a safety barrier between the outer world and themselves so that they don’t feel threatened in any ways.

5. Looking Towards the Past

Cancer natives care a lot for family, for inherited traditions and customs, for relatives, and they respect the genealogy of their family. Their roots and past are just as important, and their native places, city or country play a very important role to them, as a sacred place that has a hard time leaving or moving away from.

The past is the most important preoccupation of the Cancer native, because they find it really hard to separate completely from it, from family, traditions or old customs. A cancer sign binds to their memories, or even collects things with sentimental significance and value from the past. I am a  cancer sign and I happen to be a big keepsaker.

6. Acute Sense of Ownership

This native dreams to have a home where they have everything they need and nothing misses, with a certain tendency towards luxury and comfort. Properties of any sorts – especially real estate – are of great importance to Cancer natives, and their acute sense of ownership is the reason why they want their own place, they own home. Another reason may be their need to feel safe and secure in their family.

7. Life Lesson for Cancer Natives: Expansion

There’s plenty lessons to be learnt by Cancer natives, but the most important of them all is to expand, rather than contract and put barriers. They need to learn to give without expecting something in return, not even gratitude or recognition. Regarding their emotional side, what they need to learn is to try to be more reasonable and more stable in this sense, to have more faith in their destiny, and expand their love to the entire human kind not only to their family. Last but not least, Cancer natives need to learn full emotional disclosure in a healthy way for themselves and for those around them.

Although sometimes too emotive and sensible, Cancer natives are pure, gentle and loving people who have nothing to hide, with great intuition and imagination. They are the kind of people who show a lot of compassion, understanding and loyalty towards family and friends, making them reliable and trusty partners.

Don’t you just love a cancer? I look  forward to posting about a new zodiac sign every month. God bless.

Emilie Moe

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